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Children’s Interactive Musical Theatre Performance
with live music on stage
For children 3-10 years old

The interactive children’s play “The Chair That Imagined” the new play by Stefi Theodotou, goes up on the stage of “Theatro tis imeras” (Theatre of the Day) starting on Sunday, November 10, 2019! Come to play, dance, have fun and find new creative ways that combine knowledge with imagination!

With a number of successful performances in her showcase, and of course her sold-out children’s play “Nature’s Secret” that was embraced by young and old at the theatre “Theatro tis imeras” last year, theatre director and pedagogy animator Stefi Theodotou knows how to rouse children through an interactive show. Using Einstein’s suggestion “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, she triggers the thinking of children to find ways to introduce knowledge into their heads with their infinite imagination.Can the transition from infancy to childhood, from the fantasy world to the real, from endless play to education, be fatal to imagination? And if so, how can this be forestalled? As the hero of the story tells us, “every child has the world on their feet when they close their eyes and dream.”

Plot Summary
Dreamer is a little girl who in her imagination dives into History, explores heavenly places on the map and travels to the planets. What will happen when she finds out that her chair is … talking? And not only does it speak … it overspeaks! She is called Kiki (from Akakia) and she is anxiously being looked for by her old friend, the school chair Christie (from Kyparissi) who knew each other since they were both still trees. An old friendship renews her inner power in a new form in a new home, the school environment. Along with the playful Lady Knowledge and the precious Lady Imagination, the stage is transformed into a magical place of creativity. Children become an active part of the show and through educational games and theatrical interaction they are entertained, educated and learning how to match Imagination with Knowledge!
The play is posted on the Ministry of Education’s (edu-gate) page here.

Play contributors:

Conception – Texts – Direction – Basic Animator : Stefi Theodotou

Distribution (in alphabetical order):
Manto Vergou, Marian Kyprianou, Olina Manolopoulou
Musical performance on stage: Loukas Borakis
Music: Stefi Theodotou, Loukas Borakis
Song Lyrics: Stefi Theodotou”Voice of Imagination” (Interpretation): Marianna Papathanasiou
Orchestration-Keyboards-Recording: Vangelis Spanakakis Home Studio Music Productions *The voices were recorded in Sonic Studio
Costumes: Tasos Ambatzis
Photographer: Dimitris Marinis-www.dm-photo.gr
Contact person: Eleftheria Kabouroglou

From the Children’s Stage of DRoMENA Theatre-Art-Self-Evolution (www.dromena.edu.gr)

Premiere: Sunday, November 10, 11:30 am until March 2020
Performance dates : 10 and 24 November
December 1, 8, 15 and 22
12,19 and 26 January
2, 9, 16 and 23 February
March 8, 15, 22 and 29

Duration of the show and interaction: 70′
Where: Theatro tis Imeras, Gennimata 20, Ampelokipoi (Metro Panormou)
Ticket price: 7€
Group (over 10 people) and unemployed: 5 €
Info / Reservations: 210 6897785-6941407372, 210 6929090

Pre-sale tickets on Viva.gr
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Click here for the Show Trailer

* The show is also played daily for kindergartens, elementary schools and clubs, by appointment.

For more information on our events and all of our programs, we encourage you to visit our website dromena.edu.gr or our team on the facebook “DROgiaMENA Ergastiri Dimiourgikis Ekfrasis”.

Stefi Theodotou
Stefi Theodotou was born in Athens in 1984. She studied Social Work and after two years working in her field, she trained in AKMA with educational seminars on the Systemic Psychotherapeutic Approach. She studied for four years at the theatre “Theatro tis Imeras” with actor and director Lakis Kouretzis and obtained a degree as a Thetrical Play Animator.She has attended plenty of seminars in Acting, Directing and Body Theatre and she has participated in conferences as a speaker.Seh attended Higher Drama Schools Act 7 and IASMOS by Vassilis Diamantopoulos, successfully attending courses in Acting, Improvisation, Speech Training, Motion & Dance, Dramatology, Set Design & Theatre Costume and History.
For more than a decade she has been coordinating and directing the Creative Expression Workshop “DRoMENA” with Interactive Learning Programs, Theatre Play Educational Seminars, and Children’s, Adolescent and Adult Theatrical Groups in conjunction with Parents’ Counselor. The Workshop “DRoMENA” collaborates with many private Model Schools and Colleges, Schools, Municipalities and more.
She writes plays and directs performances that go up every year by the groups she animates. To date she has uploaded 39 performances..
For the last 4 years she has been teaching Theatrical Games at various IEK schools.
Since April 2016, she has been coordinating the Theatre Workshops of the Municipality of Chalandri.

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