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Astros, Resort of the Peloponnese!

23.07.2018 in Travel

Astros, Resort of the Peloponnese! With its almost two-mile long beach, the deep blue waters of the Argolic Gulf and the ideal alternation of scenery, between the green of the mountains and the blue of the sea, Astros is one of the most famous resorts of Peloponnese. Its short distance from Athens makes Astros an ideal destination for quiet and relatively economic holidays that include swimming, tasty food at reasonable prices and delightful cocktails by the seaside. Known as the place where the 1823 National Assembly of Greeks was convened (following the War of Independence of 1821), Astros has a…

Fall, In Love with Greece

09.09.2016 in Travel

Fall, In Love with Greece Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;   John Keats, To Autumn   Most people identify Greece with golden, sandy beaches and the warm, salty breezes of the Aegean and the Ionian Sea ─exclusively associated to none other than the magical summer months. There are, however, (at least!) three more months that are worth considering when making travel plans to the land of the Olympian Gods: September, October and November, namely the Fall…

Skorpios – The Island of Onassis

01.07.2016 in History

Skorpios  – The Island of Onassis    In 1963, Aristotle Onassis bought the Ionian island of Skorpios, located just off the western coast of Lefkada, and transformed it into his summer residence.  When first purchased, the island did not even have running water.  But Onassis, known for his business acumen, attention to the smallest detail and desire for the greatest of quality, turned Skorpios into an unbelievable private oasis.     When purchased, the island was fairly barren.  Utilities were piped in, forests planted, and Onassis even used his yacht the “Christina” to bring in sand from another Greek island for the…

Just across the bridge to LEFKADA

01.07.2016 in Travel

Just across the bridge to LEFKADA    Lefkada, an Ionian island on the west coast of Greece, graced with an amazing 73 mile coastline of azure blue Mediterranean waters…    I have always envied Lefkadians (I’m a Kefalonian myself)!  For me and all other fellow Ionian-islanders, who happen to live elsewhere, it’s usually played out like this:  “Hey, let’s go visit mom & dad this weekend” – “Ok, sure”  Check weather forecast – make sure ferries run   Book tickets – check weather forecast – make sure ferries run  Start packing – check weather forecast – make sure ferries run   Drive-drive-drive –…

The Next Chapter in Discovering Crete: Travels in the West from Chania to Rethymno

01.06.2016 in Travel

The Next Chapter in Discovering Crete:  Travels in the West from Chania to Rethymno  There are many reasons to visit Crete – the marvelous beaches, the unique landscape and a noteworthy cultural history that can be seen and experienced in countless attractions throughout the island. Chania and Rethymno are visited by millions of tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the nature, indulge in Cretan gastronomy and take in the rich history of these popular cities.    Chania: Venetian Architecture & Romance  Chania is situated in the furthest west part of Crete, a romantic city with Venetian buildings reminiscent of days gone…

Welcome to Crete! Welcome Home!

01.06.2016 in Travel

Welcome to Crete! Welcome Home!   After a long day’s drive through the mountain ranges of Crete, we stopped at a small village cafe to grab a coffee before we made our way to our hotel. We could never have anticipated the experience that followed… the people we met, the bonds we made.    As we made our way to a table under a large shade tree, the cafe owner greeted us with a warm smile, a handshake and pat on the back, asking where we were from after he noticed the “rental” name on our car.  Before we could…

A Visit to CretAquarium

01.05.2016 in Travel

A Visit to CretAquarium    Biologists have explored, documented, and researched marine life more intensely than any other ecosystem. Is it the thrill of the unknown, the vastness of the oceans, or the diversity of marine species that make marine science such an appealing field of interest? Whatever the reasons, two things are certain: much of sea life is still unexplored and mysteries attract both the young and the old.     So many people are fascinated by the living creatures that exist under sea. Greece offers the chance to view the lives of more than 2,000 marine organisms and rare species…

Winter in Greece

25.01.2016 in Travel

Winter in Greece Close your eyes, let your mind drift to Greece. What’s the first thing thought that comes to you? The sound of waves crashing on rocks, the taste of fresh fish, the smell of basil under your nose and your eyes blinded by the sun. Greece is synonymous with summer – warm weather and hospitable people; no one will deny it. For a place as blessed as Greece though, its beauty is not determined by the seasons. If you were only to think of Greece as summer destination, you would be missing the chance to explore its grand…

The Castle of Monemvasia: Where History Comes Alive

01.12.2015 in Travel

The Castle of Monemvasia: Where History Comes Alive  The first autumn breeze had made its appearance in Athens and we were already loading our luggage into the car… destination, Monemvasia. Many times I had heard about the famous “Castle of the Peloponnese” – the “Gibraltar of the East” – as it was once called. I had never had the chance to visit this magic place until now…   After four hours of driving through highways and twisty rural roads, the landscape began to change. The small villages gave way to steep hills as the sun shined above us.  Finally, after the…

Enchanting Ioannina

01.11.2015 in Travel

Enchanting Ioannina   Ioannina, located in Northern Greece, is a captivating city which has made considerable contributions to the cultural life and history of the country overall.  This enchanting city has something for everyone, from a dynamic city center to peaceful lakeshores and stone castles, even the most discerning visitor will have an amazing time here.    Ioannina (also referred to as Yannena) is the capital city of Epirus and is situated around Lake Pamvotida. With a population of over 110,000, it is one of the more bustling provincial capital cities of Greece. Its vivacious character is attributable to a…