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Tatoi: A forgotten wonder

05.12.2017 in History

Tatoi: A forgotten wonder     The unsuspecting hiker of Parnitha National Park area will be left in awe in front of the former royal family summer palace – the Tatoi palace is a huge complex of architectural masterpieces…   Set on the southeastern slopes of Mount Parnitha in Attica (16 miles from the city center of Athens), the Tatoi palace is a huge complex of architectural masterpieces which include a great number of outbuildings: storehouses, outposts, stock farms, personnel quarters, gardens and mews, all surrounded by a dense forest of incredible natural beauty and environmental significance. But today, the…

A Royal City Break

28.11.2017 in Travel

A Royal City Break     Tatoi, which was once the summer palace of the former Greek Royal Family, makes for one of the best weekend destinations in the suburbs of Athens. With an area of 47, 427 acres (15,000 of which are a declared national park) and just 30 miles from downtown Athens, the former Royal Estate caters for any visitor’s taste.   The Former Royal Estate of Tatoi is open to the public from sunrise to sunset and visitors can enter the property either from Varimpopi or Lefka. On the weekends, sports enthusiasts can be found cycling, trekking…