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Laconian Salad

24.04.2018 in Gastronomy

Laconian Salad     “Syglino” is a cured, smoked pork meat from the region of Mani. The meat is first cured, then cooked in an aromatic liquid flavored with orange peel, and afterwards smoked with sage. It is preserved in pork fat. You can use an Italian “coppa” ham or a “porchetta” instead. “Sfela” is a PDO (protected designation of origin) brine cheese produced in Messinia and Laconia that resembles feta but is denser and saltier. The milk used for its production comes exclusively from herds of sheep and goats traditionally raised and adapted to the particular region, whose diet…

Spartan cuisine: wholesome, progressive, respectful

19.04.2018 in Gastronomy

Spartan cuisine: wholesome, progressive, respectful     Sparta, the land of king Menelaus and Leonidas, stretches between the two large mountainous areas of Taygetos and Parnonas. It is a rich plain with fragrant orchards, embraced by the river Eurotas. Perhaps the most well-known dish of the area since antiquity is the infamous “melanas zomos” (μέλανας ζωμός in Greek), meaning black broth: a thick soup made with pork meat and pork blood, vinegar, and barley, which unfortunately—by try-outs and testimonies—is indeed as gross as it sounds! Thankfully, Spartan cuisine has come a long way since the time Leonida’s troops fed on…