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Konstantinos Karamanlis

15.02.2018 in History

Konstantinos Karamanlis     On March 8, 1907, in Proti, near the village of Serres, the future four-time Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis was born. This son of a poor schoolteacher would grow up to help restore democracy to Modern Greece.   Konstantinos Karamanlis was the oldest of seven siblings. During his formative years, there was much unrest in Serres, it was sure to have made an impression on him and help shape his hopes for his motherland Greece. During the first Balkan War a Bulgarian army captured Serres in November of 1912, but was then forced to withdraw by Greek…

Akanes Lailia of Serres

01.02.2018 in Gastronomy

Akanes Lailia of Serres     When visiting Serres, you’ll want to create a sweet memory – an unforgettable culinary experience called akanes. This traditional sweet treat which looks like a loukoumi, has a unique and intense flavor due to the goat and sheep’s butter used in its production.   The name akanes is said to derive from the Turkish hakan halva which literally means “The halva of the princes”. It was originally produced in Ottoman royal residences for three centuries during the occupation of Greece. After the population exchange in the 1920s, akanes remained a specialty in the region…

Serres: The city that never sleeps

30.01.2018 in Travel

Serres: The city that never sleeps     The city of Serres, situated about 40 miles away from the Macedonian capital, Thessaloniki, is a city with rich history and a bevy of hidden secrets worthy of discovery.    Serres and its greater area have beautiful natural landscapes that are worth visiting, including mountains, forests, rivers, Kerkini lake and Lailia ski center. Herodotus was the first to mention of the town, using the name “Siris” and used the word “Siropaeones” to refer to the citie’s inhabitants. Today, it is a vibrant city that never sleeps – especially on the weekends.  When…