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Poseidonia – blazing in glory

15.07.2017 in Travel

Living Up to a Mythical Name – Poseidonia blazes in glory under the summer sun! Once on the island of Syros, approximately 89.5 miles south-east of Athens, you can leave its busy capital town of Ermoupolis behind and head south-east. A mere 6 miles from Ermoupolis, in Foinikas Bay, stretches the coastline town of Poseidonia, poised nonchalantly in the Aegean Sea. Poseidonia is both the name of the main village and of general area which is a part of the Syros-Ermoupolis municipality—it shares the island of Syros with the municipal units of Ano Syros and Ermoupolis. Formerly known as Dellagrazia, a Latin…

Mount Athos: The Holy Land of Greece

01.09.2016 in History

Mount Athos: The Holy Land of Greece   The heart of Byzantine splendor still beats on the steep slopes of Mount Athos. The “Holy Mountain” and the “Garden of the Virgin Mary” are some of the names given to Mount Athos over the years, a place which the Virgin Mary had chosen to be her garden on earth. In antiquity the entire region was called Ακτή (shore), and according to legend, the sea god Poseidon once killed a giant named Athos here using a massive piece of stone; the deceased’s name then given to the whole peninsula.    Mount Athos lies…