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Grilled Cactus Pear Leaves

10.08.2017 in Gastronomy

Grilled Cactus Pear Leaves Courtesy of Marko Rossi Prickly pears are found in abundance in regions all over Greece, the Peloponnese, Crete and most of the islands such as Paros and Antiparos. For years, the fruit of prickly pears was used in pastry and cooking while over the past few years the plant leaves have become a popular delicacy as well. They can be added raw in salads or even consumed grilled for a unique culinary experience. Ingredients: Cactus pear leaves Olive oil A pinch of salt A pinch of pepper Lime Directions: Cut the fresh leaves into palm size and…

Paros – the white and blue

10.08.2017 in History

Paros: the white and the blue Located in the heart of the Cycladic islands, approximately 250 miles from Piraeus, you will find the beautiful island of Paros. Its history spans a wide spectrum of events and adventures through time – and since antiquity, Paros has been well-known for its gleaming white marble, found in countless ancient (and modern!) architectural wonders. Nowadays, Paros has a bit of everything a visitor would expect from an island in the Cycladic archipelago; white-painted villages, blue-domed churches, pebble beaches and fishing harbors overlooked by picturesque taverns and lively bars and cafés. The landscape is just…

Welcome to Paros

10.08.2017 in Travel

Paros Island Paros! An island as magnificent as its marble, tempts you to sample its beautiful beaches, walk the traditional villages and holy places. Listen to the sounds of the sea while you marvel at its picturesque harbors; take a moment to savor its unique culinary treats. Paros is an island that will entice all your senses! “Paros is a natural beauty, with amazing beaches with blue-green waters and has been awarded five blue flags for its beaches”, Markos Kovaios, Paros’ mayor says. It is an island where the smell of the braised bread, of the chickpeas cooked in the…

Antiparos – always a good idea

10.08.2017 in Travel

“Antiparos is always a good idea” Mariliza Dimakou, a former graphic designer and magazine creative director, gave up life in Athens some years ago for Antiparos. She’s currently the owner of two charming gift-shops, and the public relations representative for the municipality. When she agreed to talk to me about the dreamy little paradise that Antiparos is, I did a bit of research online and came across one of her shops. A rather unique item caught my eye—a bracelet in the shape of the island, and a prompt on its packaging: “Antiparos is always a good idea”. I couldn’t help…