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National Archaeological Museum – 150 years

17.02.2017 in Museums

National Archaeological Museum: 150 years of history The 150th anniversary of Greece’s National Archaeological Museum could not be better celebrated than with the “Odysseus” exhibition, a reflection of the nature of the Ancient Greeks and their inspiring culture. The National Archaeological Museum is without doubt the diamond in Athens’ crown, and the most significant museum in the world for Greek antiquities. But it is the impressive architecture of the building (and entry way adorned with an elongated neo-classic design garden, decorated with sculptures) is what initially captures the attention of visitors. The construction of the neo-classical style building began in 1866 and was completed…

Museum of Cycladic Art

17.02.2017 in Museums

The Museum of Cycladic Art Subsistence, Rituals and Cults in “Cycladic Society 5,000 Years Ago” Cycladic civilization flourished on the islands of the central Aegean during the Early Bronze Age (3,200-2,000 BC).   The Museum of Cycladic Art maintains one of the largest and most complete collections of Cycladic antiquities in the world! The Museum of Cycladic Art (MCA) holds representative samples of marble figurines and vases, bronze weapons and tools, leaden figurines and silver vessels, pottery from all the phases of the Early Cycladic period and symbolic objects decorated with incised motifs reminiscent of the sea, the stars, and female fertility. But what do…

The wonders of artist Dimitris Koskinas

18.01.2017 in Arts & Culture

Artist Dimitris Koskinas and his Architectural Wonders & Wonderful Superheroes! While the artwork of Dimitris Koskinas has been exhibited only in Greece and Italy, art collectors around the world anxiously await the chance to own one of his amazing pieces. Born and raised in Athens, near the Acropolis, artist Dimitris Koskinas grew up a stone’s throw away from the Parthenon, the Herodium Theater, and the Filopappou hill. These magnificent monuments were of profound influence from which he developed a great affection for Ancient Greek History and Mythology. In the early 90’s, Koskinas studied graphic design and traditional illustration. He then moved to London to further his…