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Aegina, Tiny but Magnificent..

15.10.2017 in History

Aegina: Tiny, but Magnificent The island of Aegina (the name comes from the mother of the local hero and King Aeacus) was a considerable naval power and trade center during the ancient years, although antagonistic to another great sea power: Athens… Being in close vicinity of Athens, the history of Aegina island was always connected to that ancient superpower, though not always with a positive impact on the island’s commercial, military and social life. However, Aegina’s prosperity during the archaic and classical years (7th -5th c. BCE) provided generations to come with impressive masterpieces of art and architecture. The Temple…

The Palace of Nestor

09.10.2016 in Arts & Culture, History, Travel

The Palace of Nestor For many readers of the Homeric epic, the world of the Iliad and Odyssey reflects a semi-mythical heroic past. But what happens when archaeology confirms these myths as something more than fairy tale? In such cases, humanity is rewarded with an astonishing discovery. The Palace of Nestor in Pylos is one of the great archaeological discoveries that brought the mythical world of Homer into historical reality. Located in the western Peloponnese, Nestor’s Palace is the best-preserved building from the Mycenaean period in Greece (1600-1100 BCE). During its peak (14th century BCE), the settlement was surrounded by…