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“The Creator Lives in this World”

13.06.2019 in Arts & Culture

“The Creator Lives in this World”     An Interview with Kostis Georgiou   World-renowned artist Kostis Georgiou sees sculpture, paint, and music as the “containers” of his creations. Some of his works stand stories high. But there is no container large enough to constrain the creativity and mastery of his artistic soul and genius.   The work of Kostis Georgiou has graced galleries, museums and centers around the world. From paintings to music to larger than life sculptures, his works evoke fierce emotions and response. His background and influences are diverse. He worked as a journalist for Kerdos, a…


04.04.2019 in Arts & Culture

GREEK JAZZ PANORAMA   Jazz Panorama at the Onassis Cultural Centre’s rooftop terrace (Stegi), celebrates emerging musicians of the Greek jazz scene every December. It is a three-day festival dedicated to the contemporary Greek jazz and improvisation scene.   The Greek Jazz Panorama promotes the next generation of artists by featuring ensembles with bandleaders under 30 years old. These young artists have the opportunity to present diverse performances of contemporary Greek jazz and improvisation bringing innovative Greek jazz musicians to the attention of an international audience. For more information please visit the website: www.sgt.gr

Eleftheria Kotzia: Making magic with her guitar…

05.07.2018 in Arts & Culture

Eleftheria Kotzia: Making magic with her guitar…   “Eleftheria Kotzia holds the stage with the sort of presence I have not seen for a while. She has a robust character mixed with a quiet sensitivity .You could say it is something like the voraciousness of Julian Bream combined with a feminine delicacy of control, an alluring combination – all infused with the pizzazz of Greek spirit”. Classical Guitar (Purcell Room – London).   Born in northern Greece, in Alexandroupolis, Eleftheria Kotzia studied guitar at the National Conservatory in Athens, the Conservatoire National Supérieure in Paris, and finally at the Guildhall…

Once Upon a Bouzouki… Interview with Euripides Nikolidis

01.07.2016 in Arts & Culture

Once Upon a Bouzouki… Interview with Euripides Nikolidis    A self-taught bouzouki virtuoso and a rightful successor in the line of eminent bouzouki players, Euripides Nikolidis is the man behind Bouzouki Fairytales (his first instrumental album). With a career spanning more than 20 years of collaborations with the greatest of Greece’s singers, Nikolidis has earned the acclaim he is receiving.   Politismos had the chance to speak with the composer about his album, future plans, posthumous legacy and the prospect of Greek music abroad.    At the age of 9 you made a decision to teach yourself how to play the…

Manos Hatzidakis: Urban-Folk Modernism in Music

01.06.2016 in Arts & Culture

Manos Hatzidakis: Urban-Folk Modernism in Music   It is a rare phenomenon for an artist to enjoy the respect and veneration of a whole nation after death. Manos Hatzidakis, born and bred of the European Enlightenment, is one of those fortunate deceased.   Born in Xanthi in 1925 to a Cretan father and mother from Adrianopolis (now in Turkey), young Manos, only 14 at the time, started his musical education, comprised of piano, violin and accordion lessons. After his parents’ divorce he moved to Athens where he was earned his living as a multi-task worker while continuing with his musical studies…

Cloudy Day in Athens

01.04.2016 in Arts & Culture

Cloudy Day in Athens    Vasilis Tsistanis was songwriter and bouzouki player. At the age of 15, he wrote his first song, the first of hundreds he would write during his professional career. One such legendary piece was “Synnefiasmeni Kyriaki” (Cloudy Sunday), inspired by the dismay he felt after German troops arrived in Greece in 1941 and incidents he witnessed thereafter.   The following quote is from an interview entitled “S. Gauntlett: An interview with Vasilis Tsitsanis.” published, in the Spring and Summer of 1975, by the Hellenic Society of Melbourne, Australia:    “The occupation was for me an inexhaustible…

Giannis Haroulis

01.04.2016 in Arts & Culture

Giannis Haroulis   Giannis Haroulis is one of the most well-known modern artists of Greece. His work is a beautiful fusion of Greek folk and traditional Cretan blended with a bit of rock and modern sound.    Born just outside Lasithi, in the village of Exo Lakonia, Haroulis was first introduced, at the age of 6, to playing music by his father who was a sculptor.  It was at this time he learned to play the lute (laouto).  He studied traditional folk music and began performing in local festivals. In 2002, and only in his early 20s, Haroulis was invited…