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Skorpios – The Island of Onassis

01.07.2016 in History

Skorpios  – The Island of Onassis    In 1963, Aristotle Onassis bought the Ionian island of Skorpios, located just off the western coast of Lefkada, and transformed it into his summer residence.  When first purchased, the island did not even have running water.  But Onassis, known for his business acumen, attention to the smallest detail and desire for the greatest of quality, turned Skorpios into an unbelievable private oasis.     When purchased, the island was fairly barren.  Utilities were piped in, forests planted, and Onassis even used his yacht the “Christina” to bring in sand from another Greek island for the…

The Museums of Lefkada

01.07.2016 in Arts & Culture

The Museums of Lefkada    Looking to discover the cultural treasures of Lefkada?  Visitors will find a treasure trove of museums and cultural centers on this beautiful Ionian gem…    Archaeological Museum of Lefkada  Looking to discover the cultural treasures of Lefkada? Then, the first stop in your treasure hunt should be the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada, housed on the first floor of the mansion of the old town hall, together with the Cultural Centre of the municipality. The museum shows the evolution of the island through the ages by way of presenting findings from the Palaeolithic Age (200.000-35.000 BCE) until the…

Just across the bridge to LEFKADA

01.07.2016 in Travel

Just across the bridge to LEFKADA    Lefkada, an Ionian island on the west coast of Greece, graced with an amazing 73 mile coastline of azure blue Mediterranean waters…    I have always envied Lefkadians (I’m a Kefalonian myself)!  For me and all other fellow Ionian-islanders, who happen to live elsewhere, it’s usually played out like this:  “Hey, let’s go visit mom & dad this weekend” – “Ok, sure”  Check weather forecast – make sure ferries run   Book tickets – check weather forecast – make sure ferries run  Start packing – check weather forecast – make sure ferries run   Drive-drive-drive –…