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Kythera: the island of Aphrodite

10.11.2019 in History

Kythera: the island of Aphrodite     Some miles south of Peloponnese lays an island of insurmountable beauty. Kythera is its name – it is the birthplace of the almighty Aphrodite, the land of a hundred chapels and mysterious caves.   According to myth, the goddess Aphrodite was born off the coast of Kythera… from the foam of the waves where the village Kapsali lies today (the two natural ports took the name “the breasts of Aphrodite”). Many ancient writers used to give her the epithet Kytheria (the Mistress of Kythera) although another myth puts her birthplace in Cyprus. Nevertheless,…

“Voyage to Kythera”

10.11.2019 in Travel

“Voyage to Kythera”   (Painting by J.A. Watteau)     Kythera is the island of Aphrodite and Eros. Ιt is a strange mixture of influence from the Cycladic and Ionian Islands and the Peloponnese. White houses with blue shutters, villages resembling those of the Ionian Islands. And beaches that take your mind back to the Peloponnese…   Villages One of the island’s most picturesque villages is that of Avlemonas. Swim in the small creek of the village and stroll at the seaside. Not far away from the village you can visit Paleopolis beach, which is the largest and one of…