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The National Historical Museum: Five Hundred Years of History

01.03.2016 in History

The National Historical Museum: Five Hundred Years of History    When speaking of Greece, the achievements and remains of antiquity are commonly more familiar to most.  But there is a place in the center of the modern Greek capital where visitors will find themselves before a more tangible history, one that reflects the trials and tribulations of Modern Greece…     When visiting the National Historical Museum in Athens, contemporary visitors will inevitably find themselves entranced with the great statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis. It is only fitting that his likeness should stand guard before this institution. Kolokotronis, a deeply loyal and moral man…

Theatre…To Exist, or to Live?

06.02.2016 in Arts & Culture

Theatre…To Exist, or to Live?   Ever wondered where the key difference between existing and living lies? In today’s world, people seem to exist in survival mode, programmed to make a living – we seek that “something” that makes us feel alive. The arts, from visual to performing, are always the perfect choice to take us beyond the feeling of mere existence. Art evokes joy, sorrow, grief, and pride. With art, we can confront and accept the mortality of our journey. Perhaps one of the oldest and most sophisticated forms of art is theatre. Inspired by our dreams, fears, and…

The Castle of Monemvasia: Where History Comes Alive

01.12.2015 in Travel

The Castle of Monemvasia: Where History Comes Alive  The first autumn breeze had made its appearance in Athens and we were already loading our luggage into the car… destination, Monemvasia. Many times I had heard about the famous “Castle of the Peloponnese” – the “Gibraltar of the East” – as it was once called. I had never had the chance to visit this magic place until now…   After four hours of driving through highways and twisty rural roads, the landscape began to change. The small villages gave way to steep hills as the sun shined above us.  Finally, after the…