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Food Expo 2018 – One of the largest international food and beverage exhibitions took place at the impressive “Metropolitan Expo” venue in Attica. by Athina D. Pantazatou One of the largest international food and beverage exhibitions in southeastern Europe, took place in Athens on March 10-12. In advance of opening, 800 exhibitors had confirmed their participation, and the final figure was expected to surpass 1,200 out of which at least 50 are exhibitors from other countries. Since 1988, the company responsible for the organization of this successful trade show—FORUM S.A.—has offered high quality information and an ultimate meeting and interaction…

Healthy Foods – Trahanas

23.07.2018 in Gastronomy

The unique foods of Greece and their health benefits: Trahana – cracked wheat fermented in milk   Since ancient times, the Greeks had realized how precious the gifts of Mother Nature were. The Mediterranean climate along with the geological formations of the country created a fertile ground where an abundance of wild herbs and plants could grow. About 1800 endemic species that grow on Greek soil have certified medicinal properties. Over the years, the Greeks have come to discover the properties of these special herbs and foods… This month we bring to the plate warm and comforting Trahana! “Let food…

Sardeles Pastes – a Lesvos Delicacy

06.11.2016 in Gastronomy

Sardeles Pastes – A Lesvos Delicacy “The snack of choice with ouzo is Sardeles Pastes. These are the sardines that have been caught that morning, salted on the boat and served that night. To eat them, the skin is removed and they are seasoned with oil, lemon or whatever your host prefers to season with (though some eat them totally unseasoned).”  – Matt Barrett Sardeles Pastes are found mostly in Lesvos, mainly because the sardines from the Gulf of Kaloni are considered the best in Greece, if not the world. During the summer months the sardines are caught in the…

Lamb Cooked in Parchment Paper (Kleftiko)

09.10.2016 in Gastronomy

Lamb Cooked in Parchment Paper (Kleftiko) The high quality of the meat is absolutely necessary, because it really forms the key component of this exceptional dish! When cooking, be patient with time required and you will be generously rewarded! We were very fortunate last week, because we had a visit from my godmother Georgia who lives in Crete. Her husband, Andreas, is a shepherd.   Andreas has 60 sheep that he takes out every morning at 6:00 am and brings back at the end of the day. He loves what he does and it shows in the way he tends and…

Effortless Trahana Soup with Tomato and Fresh Goat Cheese

01.09.2016 in Gastronomy

Effortless Trahana Soup with Tomato and Fresh Goat Cheese By Vassilis and Anastasia of Cookouvagia.com    Trahana belongs to the big family of pasta. Trahana soup can sooth your soul in the cold…  There are a lot of variations: Trahana can be sweet or sour, fine or chunky, vegan or not. The basic ingredients of the dough from which trahana is made is flour and milk.    The dough is then cut in small pieces of same thickness and spread out on a white sheet in order to dry. This procedure is best done in a well-ventilated room and ideally during the…

Welcome to Crete! Welcome Home!

01.06.2016 in Travel

Welcome to Crete! Welcome Home!   After a long day’s drive through the mountain ranges of Crete, we stopped at a small village cafe to grab a coffee before we made our way to our hotel. We could never have anticipated the experience that followed… the people we met, the bonds we made.    As we made our way to a table under a large shade tree, the cafe owner greeted us with a warm smile, a handshake and pat on the back, asking where we were from after he noticed the “rental” name on our car.  Before we could…

Bringing Back The Traditional Cooking Of The Peloponnese

01.03.2016 in Gastronomy

Bringing Back The Traditional Cooking Of The Peloponnese    I invite you to take a walk through the beautiful mountainous southern lands of mainland Greece, known as the Peloponnese; it is sure to be an experience that will excite all your senses.    From Mount Taygetos, mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, to Mani, where early steps to Greek Independence from the Ottoman Empire were taken on March 17, 1821, the region has a rich history, but history is not the only reason to visit the region. When visiting, be sure to bring a good appetite. The Peloponnese are an absolute gastronomical delight!  Some…

The Great American MeatOut

01.03.2016 in Gastronomy

The Great American MeatOut    Held every year on March 20th, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) has coordinated and sponsored the Great American MeatOut since 1985 in an effort to reduce (and eventually stop) the raising and butchering of animals for food. The main aim is to inspire people to try a vegan diet and consider reducing meat consumption by going meat-free once a week.  The truth is, that more people every day are increasingly looking for ways to reduce, or remove, meat from their diet for economic, ethical, religious, health or environmental reasons.     Markets today have definitely adapted to…

The Chocolate Factory Museum: Exploring the Wonders of Cocoa!

03.02.2016 in Museums

The Chocolate Factory Museum: Exploring the Wonders of Cocoa! Chocolate: a temptation that no adult or child can resist. This delicacy has a long history, with roots in Mexico dating back to about 1900 BC. To the Aztec civilization, cocoa beans were considered to be a unique gift from the God of wisdom, Quetzalcoatl. Nowadays, cocoa has unsurprisingly become one of our own sacred gifts, as chocolate – the main product of cocoa – is usually one of the first things we think of when sweet cravings come! Inspired by the popular passion for chocolate, a talented and creative team…