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Mythical, Historical, Incomparable Evrytania

18.01.2017 in Travel

Mythical,¬†Historical,¬†Incomparable Evrytania Evrytania, the mountainous region of Roumeli, fascinates travelers with its incomparable natural beauty, unique color compositions and countryside variations. The imposing mountain range of Agrafa, along with Mount Tymfristos (with its summit, Velouchi), Mounts Helidona & Kaliakouda, impressive gorges and steep hillsides, the magnificent Lake of Kremasta, the rivers Karpenisiotis, Tavropos (Megdovas), Krikelopotamos, Trikeriotis, Agrafiotis, and Acheloos (Aspropotamos), springs, waterfalls, dense fir, pine, and deciduous forests, all of these elements, compose a rare landscape of exceptional beauty. The prevailing theory is that Evrytania is named after Evrytos, a renowned Aetolian hero & mythical king of the ancient city…