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Healthy Foods – Avgotaracho

10.04.2017 in Gastronomy

The unique foods of Greece and their health benefits: Messolonghi fish roe (Avgotaracho – Bottarga) Since ancient times, the Greeks had realized how precious the gifts of Mother Nature were. Over the years, the Greeks have come to discover the properties of these special herbs and foods… But it is Avgotaracho (Bottarga) which boasts the longest presence in culinary history! Messolonghi fish roe (Avgotaracho) Historic facts have shown that fish roe was a delicacy among the Pharaoh-elite in Egypt, while its nutritional value made it a staple in the diet of the Ancient Greeks. During the Byzantine era this gourmet product had earned…

The Great American MeatOut

01.03.2016 in Gastronomy

The Great American MeatOut    Held every year on March 20th, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) has coordinated and sponsored the Great American MeatOut since 1985 in an effort to reduce (and eventually stop) the raising and butchering of animals for food. The main aim is to inspire people to try a vegan diet and consider reducing meat consumption by going meat-free once a week.  The truth is, that more people every day are increasingly looking for ways to reduce, or remove, meat from their diet for economic, ethical, religious, health or environmental reasons.     Markets today have definitely adapted to…