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Syros: A patchwork of Catholic and Orthodox sacred devotion

04.04.2019 in Travel

Syros: A patchwork of Catholic and Orthodox sacred devotion   Syros, the capital of the Cyclades is always high on the list of eclectic weekend outings during the early holiday season.   Mansions are spread along the island’s two hills overlooked by the Orthodox Byzantine temple of the Resurrection and the Catholic church of Saint George. In Ermoupolis, one must visit the stunning villa that houses the city hall and historic Apollo Theater. There are alsothe lovely streets around Miaouli Square, the Vaporia neighborhood with more gorgeous mansions (some of which have been turned into brilliant little hostels), and the…

Ermoupolis, A Nobel Town

15.07.2017 in History

Ermoupolis: A Noble Town The name Ermoupolis literally means the “city of the god Hermes”. When the town was established, the entire island was transformed into a hugely significant commercial and industrial center of Greece. It seems only right that Hermes, god of commercial affairs, rightly became the patron deity of the capital of Syros. Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros Island, is a picturesque colorful town with unique architecture and a striking aesthetic. By contrast with the rest of the Cycladic islands, Ermoupolis resembles the eastern Italian coastal towns rather than the typical white and blue “monotony” of the neighboring…