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Chard Puree Original recipe from the book “The Starvation Recipes” by Eleni Nikolaidou

31.10.2018 in Gastronomy

Chard Puree Original recipe from the book “The Starvation Recipes” by Eleni Nikolaidou     “Chards like all greens are usually consumed boiled, as a side salad. And yet, all of the so-called ‘sweet’ greens, like chards and spinach, can easily be puréed and served as a main dish. Wash your greens carefully and boil them in very little water on low heat. Use as little water as possible so that you won’t have to spill any at all. You could also steam them on very low heat. When they are done, spread them on a platter and use a…

Magiritsa Traditional Soup

01.04.2016 in Gastronomy

Magiritsa Traditional Soup   Magiritsa is a traditional soup prepared and feasted upon by Orthodox Greeks after attending the Resurrection services for Pascha (Easter Sunday).  It is a rich lamb soup eaten to break the 40 day fast.  The recipe varies slightly in some regions, with variations including tomato or carrots, and many modern recipes have traded out the traditional lamb intestines, liver and kidneys for shanks. Regardless your ingredients preference, the trick to this recipe is to cook slowly.  Crock pots are a great option!    Ingredients:  2 lbs of Lamb liver and/or kidneys (lamb shanks may be used…

Στραπατσάδα -Tomato & Egg Scramble (Strapatsada)

01.03.2016 in Gastronomy

Στραπατσάδα -Tomato & Egg Scramble (Strapatsada)   A delicious traditional recipe from Mani, Greece!    Ingredients:    4 eggs  2 large tomatoes  1 tsp honey  2 TB olive oil  1 garlic clove, minced  2 tsp dried oregano  2 tsp dried basil  1/2 cup feta  Parsley, chopped  Salt & pepper to taste    Directions:   Cut off the base of the tomato, and grate the tomato using a hand grater (you can also finely chop the tomato, if you don’t have a grater).  In a large frying pan, add olive oil and garlic over medium heat. Sauté for one minute. Add tomatoes,…

Καρυδόπιτα: Karidopita (Greek Walnut Cake)

01.12.2015 in Gastronomy

Καρυδόπιτα   Karidopita (Greek Walnut Cake)    Cake Ingredients:    8 eggs, separated  1 cup sugar  1 tsp vanilla  12 Zwieback toast  2/3 lb. walnuts  4 tsp cinnamon  1/4 tsp ground cloves  1 tsp baking powder  1/4 tsp salt  1 tsp orange zest  1 tsp lemon zest    Syrup Ingredients 2 cups water  2 cups sugar  1/2 cup honey  2 strips orange peel  2 strips lemon peel  1 cinnamon stick     Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9 by 13 baking dish. In a mixer, place the egg whites inside and mix until stiff. Then place the…