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Byzantine Museum

15.05.2017 in Museums

Byzantine & Christian Museum of Athens – Α museum for everyone! The Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens is one of the most significant institutions of Byzantine and post-Byzantine arts and culture in the entire world… With a history of more than 100 years, the Museum’s permanent exhibition has more than 3,000 objects, dating from the 3rd to the 20th centuries with objects coming from the Greek, Asia Minor and Balkan regions. The Museum’s collection is vast and includes portable icons, sculptures, ceramics, ecclesiastical textiles, paintings, as well as frescoes and mosaics. The Museum’s permanent collection is divided into two…

J Paul Getty Presents

17.02.2017 in Museums

J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM PRESENTS  Remembering Antiquity: The Ancient World Through Medieval Eyes The arts and culture of the Middle Ages were the inheritors of a rich classical tradition. For more than a millennium following the fall of Rome, antiquity was evoked and preserved through visual arts, ceremony, and manuscript culture. Remembering Antiquity: The Ancient World Through Medieval Eyes, on view January 24 through May 28 at the J. Paul Getty Museum, explores the constant and varied engagement of medieval people with the classical past. “After the fall of the Roman Empire and the Christianization of Europe, many of the great works…

The Modern Saints of Greece

09.09.2016 in Arts & Culture, History

The Modern Saints of Greece According to the Greek Orthodox Church, the only true “saint” or holy one (Agios) is God himself. An individual who is sainted is bestowed this honor by their efforts in life to become part of the all holiness.   Often when we think of saints, our thoughts go to a time long ago – Saints Peter, Paul, John and others who were sainted for their role in spreading Christianity in its early days. As well as the Apostles, there are also saints who were prophets, martyrs, monastics and others who lead model lives.   But…

Saint Anthimos of Chios

09.09.2016 in Arts & Culture, History, Museums, Travel

Saint Anthimos of Chios In our home, we have a photograph of Saint Anthimos of Chios. That’s right, a photograph. We also have icons of the blessed Saint. But the photograph to me always made so much more of an impression, it was so much more personal, as if I could reach out and kiss his hand, just as my grandmother, and even my father, had done only decades ago. The saints I learned about growing up where sainted almost two thousand years ago, but Saint Anthimos, was canonized not even 25 years ago…   Born Argyrios Vagianos on the…

St. Nektarios: The Saint of the 20th Century

09.09.2016 in Arts & Culture, History, Travel

St. Nektarios: The Saint of the 20th Century Teacher, writer, reverend father…. Saint Nektarios tended and cared for those who heeded his teachings, and even those who did not. Though he lived a life faced with many challenges, the Church today reveres his life and many contributions.   If asked what St. Nektarios means to me, I would answer much more than just the fact that we have the same name…   Born as a premature baby, weighing just a bit over three pounds, I was critically ill, and my parents prayed. They prayed and promised to name me after…

Ancient Olympia: A Panhellenic benchmark

01.08.2016 in History

Ancient Olympia:  A Panhellenic benchmark     It may be a well-known fact that the Ancient Greeks were almost constantly at war – they considered battle a necessary evil when peace was not possible. However, Ancient Olympia was a special “theatre of war”, a field of competition among the Greeks where no blood was shed….     The ancient site of Altis (as Olympia was called in antiquity) lies in the sublime valley of the Alpheios River in the western Peloponnese. Olympia was originally dedicated to Zeus, the Father of Gods, and is still known today for the most important athletic event ever…