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Grilled Cactus Pear Leaves

10.08.2017 in Gastronomy

Grilled Cactus Pear Leaves Courtesy of Marko Rossi Prickly pears are found in abundance in regions all over Greece, the Peloponnese, Crete and most of the islands such as Paros and Antiparos. For years, the fruit of prickly pears was used in pastry and cooking while over the past few years the plant leaves have become a popular delicacy as well. They can be added raw in salads or even consumed grilled for a unique culinary experience. Ingredients: Cactus pear leaves Olive oil A pinch of salt A pinch of pepper Lime Directions: Cut the fresh leaves into palm size and…

Chef Marko Rossi – Simply Genius

10.08.2017 in Gastronomy

Meet Chef Marko Rossi, Simply Genius Marko Rossi has established his presence on the gastronomic map of the Greek cuisine and is now one of the most renowned chefs of the younger generation. As a Head Chef at Nixon, he initiated the Greek audience into Brunching, while 2016 was the year he (along with his colleague Maro Paraskevoudi) brought an ambience of Venezuelan and Colombian street food downtown Athens by creating Los Loros Arepas & Empanadas. Marko Rossi’s restless spirit drives him pursue the most pure and palatable Greek products, which become the key ingredients in his cooking. As he has said,…

Antiparos – always a good idea

10.08.2017 in Travel

“Antiparos is always a good idea” Mariliza Dimakou, a former graphic designer and magazine creative director, gave up life in Athens some years ago for Antiparos. She’s currently the owner of two charming gift-shops, and the public relations representative for the municipality. When she agreed to talk to me about the dreamy little paradise that Antiparos is, I did a bit of research online and came across one of her shops. A rather unique item caught my eye—a bracelet in the shape of the island, and a prompt on its packaging: “Antiparos is always a good idea”. I couldn’t help…