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Aegina in a day!

15.10.2017 in Travel

Aegina in a day! They say that you can’t see Rome in a day but can you see Aegina in a day? You sure can! Within a 40-minute boat ride from the port of Piraeus you find yourself in a place of charm, tranquility and warm-hearted people where history and culture dwell in every corner… As soon as you arrive at the island, you will see the Temple of Apollo overlooking the port. The historical site is also called Kolona (column), as a kolona is the sole remnant of the temple. Let yourself wander around the site, take in the…

St. Nektarios: The Saint of the 20th Century

09.09.2016 in Arts & Culture, History, Travel

St. Nektarios: The Saint of the 20th Century Teacher, writer, reverend father…. Saint Nektarios tended and cared for those who heeded his teachings, and even those who did not. Though he lived a life faced with many challenges, the Church today reveres his life and many contributions.   If asked what St. Nektarios means to me, I would answer much more than just the fact that we have the same name…   Born as a premature baby, weighing just a bit over three pounds, I was critically ill, and my parents prayed. They prayed and promised to name me after…