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October 28, 1940: The Day Greece Scored Victory for Allied Forces

01.09.2016 in History

October 28, 1940 The Day Greece Scored Victory for Allied Forces The following is an excerpt from the: http://politismosmuseum.org/en/exhibitions/current/300-oxi-day  curated by the CSUS Department of Hellenic Studies    See the Oxi Day Exhibit here: http://politismosmuseum.org/en/exhibitions/current/300-oxi-day  Seventy five years ago, Ioannes Metaxas was awoken at 3:00 in the morning by the Italian Ambassador, Emanuele Grazzi. Metaxas escorted Grazzi to the sitting room on the right side of the main entrance to Metaxas’ Kifissia residence. Here, Grazzi reluctantly delivered an Italian ultimatum to Metaxas. The ultimatum stated that either Greece allow Italy to occupy certain strategic parts of Greece, or face invasion. Metaxas responded with ‘Oxi’…