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A unique walk through history

13.06.2019 in Travel

A unique walk through history     No matter where you walk in Greece, you walk on history… For a third year in a row, the Hellenic Society for the Environmental and Cultural Heritage along with the Organizations and Citizens for a Sustainable Historic Center’s Network have organized, in cooperation with the Athens Festival, a series of walks in historical landmarks in Athens.   Following the extremely successful walks hosted in the last two years, Manolis Korres, architect, emeritus professor of the National Technical University of Athens and member of the Academy of Athens, will be guiding guests through the…

Remembering the Legacy of Panagiotis T. Angelopoulos (1909 – 2001)

04.10.2018 in Arts & Culture

Remembering the Legacy of Panagiotis T. Angelopoulos (1909 – 2001)   Panagiotis Angelopoulos was a Greek industrialist, philanthropist and benefactor of the Greek Orthodox Church. He was born in 1909 in Vlachorrafti village, Gortynia and in 1922 he moved to Athens. Along with his father and siblings, they founded the “Hellenic Wire Company” (1932) and in 1948, “Halyvourgiki” was set up, a company that evolved into the country’s first heavy industry.   Angelopoulos, who was a prominent entrepreneur, went on to take philanthropic action and his name is listed among the greatest Greek benefactors, according to the Academy of Athens….