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Kardamyli: A charming fairytale town


In Kardamyli, stone houses with tiled roofs sit protected in a bay at the base of Mt. Taygetos just across from the small, lush island of Meropi.


The old district of the town features restored towers and pebbly creeks with olive trees and cypresses. Kardamyli attracts both tourists seeking outdoor sports/recreation and those seeking a leisurely vacation. Nature lovers, artists, Greeks and foreigners (mainly British but also Germans and other northerners), have made this“gate to the Messinian Mani” their hang out. There are boutique hotels with personality, taverns in stunning courtyards overlooking the sea, sophisticated bars, atmospheric lounges, and a large network of marked hiking trails, that constitute Kardamyli. These amenities make it the most sophisticated resort of Messinia. Kardmayli is a small oasis where tourist development hasn’t diminished the charm and tranquility of the Mediterranean landscape.

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04 Apr 2019, by Athina Pantazatou in Travelx