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The Sweet and Spicy Flavors of Syros

What could rival the beauty and diversity of Syros? The sweet, savory and spicy flavors of its diverse gastronomy! An array of flavors was brought to the island by the various settlers, each delicacy unique and tasty! These are just a few of our favorites that we recommend you try on your travels to this beautiful island!

Syros Thyme Honey

The golden treat of Syros! Production of the honey is limited each year and excludes preservatives. This allows for unique and rich taste, unlike other honeys you may try in Greece. It is incredibly aromatic and has a beautiful golden color. Greeks enjoy bread, butter and honey for breakfast, but it is wonderfully delicious served over grilled cheeses (San Michali, feta and so on). A wonderful sweetener in faskomilo (sage tea) and a healthy and delectable substitute for sugar in many recipes!

San Michali Cheese

Thanks to the happy cows of San Michalis hill, located on the north side of the island, Syros dairies have been producing this cow’s milk cheese for more than 50 years. It is salted and brined and then left to age in a humid storage. It is of excellent quality and considered a delicacy, and it is priced somewhat more expensively than other Greek cheeses. It can be enjoyed on its own with a lovely loaf of bread, grated for use on pasts or in pites, or try frying or baking it and drizzling some Syros Thyme honey on it!


These tasty little bites, often called Turkish Delight, were brought to Syros by the people of Chios. A long tradition in Chios, and Asia Minor, the sweets are made of sugar and starch, flavored with everything from pistachios to rose water, mastica, to almond and so much more. What makes the Syros loukoumi so special though is the water used. It comes from the spring waters of the island and has an incredibly unique flavor. The first Loukoumia of Syros were made in 1832. And five years later, they were being made commercially by the Stamatelakis family.


Like little round nougat sandwich pies, Halvadopita is the second most popular and delicious treat of Syros. It starts with a meringue, and is then thickened and sweetened with honey, sugar, vanilla and almonds. This thick gooey nougat is then placed between paper thin wafers and flattended out to form a round “pita”. Sticky, sweet and simply delicious. You can’t leave Syros without trying at least one!

15 Jul 2017, by Politismos Museum of Greek History in Gastronomyx