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Food Expo 2018 – One of the largest international food and beverage exhibitions took place at the impressive “Metropolitan Expo” venue in Attica. by Athina D. Pantazatou One of the largest international food and beverage exhibitions in southeastern Europe, took place in Athens on March 10-12. In advance of opening, 800 exhibitors had confirmed their participation, and the final figure was expected to surpass 1,200 out of which at least 50 are exhibitors from other countries. Since 1988, the company responsible for the organization of this successful trade show—FORUM S.A.—has offered high quality information and an ultimate meeting and interaction…

The Museums of Rethymno Crete

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The Museums of Rethymno Crete   Crete is a land of unique experiences. From relaxing on sandy blue beaches and savoring culinary marvels, to being charmed by a rich unique culture and the warmhearted locals, you will find Crete is undeniably like a bit of heaven. Rethymno is one of the four pillars of Crete and may certainly claim part of the credit for this island being called a paradise. With its rich diverse history and enchanting landscapes and architecture, there is beauty everywhere you look.  So before you set out for another day at the beach, or settling in…

Adoni Astrinakis: Rockin’ the Portrait

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Adoni Astrinakis: Rockin’ the Portrait   On May 29, 2016, artist Adoni Astrinakis debuted at The White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY with three paintings from his “27 Club” collection – AMY, KURT, and JIMI. The paintings were received with great fanfare and were celebrated alongside works from EJ Camp, Bonnie Lautenberg, Laura Benjamin, Steve Joester and Evad.   The Golden Age of Rock n Roll” group show was the American debut for Astrinakis, who was born in Tasmania and now lives in Melbourne. For a few years after college, Adoni became CEO of a national healthy fast food chain…