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J Paul Getty Presents

17.02.2017 in Museums

J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM PRESENTS  Remembering Antiquity: The Ancient World Through Medieval Eyes The arts and culture of the Middle Ages were the inheritors of a rich classical tradition. For more than a millennium following the fall of Rome, antiquity was evoked and preserved through visual arts, ceremony, and manuscript culture. Remembering Antiquity: The Ancient World Through Medieval Eyes, on view January 24 through May 28 at the J. Paul Getty Museum, explores the constant and varied engagement of medieval people with the classical past. “After the fall of the Roman Empire and the Christianization of Europe, many of the great works…

Museum of Cycladic Art

17.02.2017 in Museums

The Museum of Cycladic Art Subsistence, Rituals and Cults in “Cycladic Society 5,000 Years Ago” Cycladic civilization flourished on the islands of the central Aegean during the Early Bronze Age (3,200-2,000 BC).   The Museum of Cycladic Art maintains one of the largest and most complete collections of Cycladic antiquities in the world! The Museum of Cycladic Art (MCA) holds representative samples of marble figurines and vases, bronze weapons and tools, leaden figurines and silver vessels, pottery from all the phases of the Early Cycladic period and symbolic objects decorated with incised motifs reminiscent of the sea, the stars, and female fertility. But what do…

Apokries on Amorgos

17.02.2017 in Travel

Apokries & The Captain – Celebrations on the Cycladic Island of Amorgos Apokries, literally it means “without meat”, but this festive time of year is about so much more… It’s a time for celebration, excess, joy and laughter. And on the Cycladic Islands, the Apokries Carnival honors the rich tradition with its own unique flare and customs! Apokries is celebrated in the days before the Great Lenten period that precedes Pascha. There are many similar festivities throughout Greece, like masquerade parties and festivals, dancing and song. But many towns and villages throughout the country have their own distinctive celebrations. The Cycladic Islands…

Healthy Whole Orange Cake

18.01.2017 in Gastronomy

Healthy Whole Orange Cake with Honey There is a childhood memory that will never be forgotten…. It’s the smell of the freshly baked cake that filled every corner of our house. My mother always knew how to instantly make us happy. On the kitchen counter this sweet temptation was always waiting for us. Without any hesitation and with characteristic childish impulse we would reach out searching for a piece of happiness. Even when we couldn’t reach the kitchen counter, our mother’s sweet hand was always there to help us. Years passed and the cake recipes got passed to the next…

Mythical, Historical, Incomparable Evrytania

18.01.2017 in Travel

Mythical, Historical, Incomparable Evrytania Evrytania, the mountainous region of Roumeli, fascinates travelers with its incomparable natural beauty, unique color compositions and countryside variations. The imposing mountain range of Agrafa, along with Mount Tymfristos (with its summit, Velouchi), Mounts Helidona & Kaliakouda, impressive gorges and steep hillsides, the magnificent Lake of Kremasta, the rivers Karpenisiotis, Tavropos (Megdovas), Krikelopotamos, Trikeriotis, Agrafiotis, and Acheloos (Aspropotamos), springs, waterfalls, dense fir, pine, and deciduous forests, all of these elements, compose a rare landscape of exceptional beauty. The prevailing theory is that Evrytania is named after Evrytos, a renowned Aetolian hero & mythical king of the ancient city…

Minoan Tastes – an interview with Jerolyn Morrison

18.01.2017 in Arts & Culture

Food, History, Pots and People How Minoan Tastes has become more than just a history project… In 2016, Politismos Museum featured three cultural exhibits (with still one series to come in 2017!). Minoan Tastes, founded by Jerolyn E. Morrison, curated the exhibits and is a social enterprise that promotes the culinary history of ancient Crete by working with a network of food experts, historians, and archaeologists. It was developed out of the desire to present scientific knowledge in a more tangible way for modern people so that they can better understand how the ancients performed daily activities. Jerolyn E. Morrison is…

The wonders of artist Dimitris Koskinas

18.01.2017 in Arts & Culture

Artist Dimitris Koskinas and his Architectural Wonders & Wonderful Superheroes! While the artwork of Dimitris Koskinas has been exhibited only in Greece and Italy, art collectors around the world anxiously await the chance to own one of his amazing pieces. Born and raised in Athens, near the Acropolis, artist Dimitris Koskinas grew up a stone’s throw away from the Parthenon, the Herodium Theater, and the Filopappou hill. These magnificent monuments were of profound influence from which he developed a great affection for Ancient Greek History and Mythology. In the early 90’s, Koskinas studied graphic design and traditional illustration. He then moved to London to further his…

Holiday Season “City Breaks”

18.12.2016 in Travel

Holiday Season “City Breaks” As we enter the holiday season, we propose a holiday option entirely different from the typical getaways to the Greek countryside or islands; we recommend urban tourism, globally known as City Breaks, for a few pleasurable days in one of the many urban centers of the country! For those who haven’t had the chance to experience an “urban experience” or are not familiar with the “city break” concept, it’s worth mentioning that the trend of urban tourism is growing worldwide due to its role in separating “seasonality” with tourism (especially important for countries like Greece). Urban…