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Kakavia (Mediterranean Fish Soup)

01.07.2016 in Gastronomy

Kakavia (Mediterranean Fish Soup)    The weather right now in Athens is very confusing. Sunny hot one day and cold windy the other. The truth is we didn’t really go through winter and it hasn’t rained much this year, which is not very good for the farmers and their land. Today has been a cold day and what goes better on a day like this? The answer is SOUP! But what kind of soup?    Well, with summer here and our minds drifting off to sandy beaches, under the hot sun, we decided on fish soup.  I started eating fish soup…

Onassis Foundation Legacy

01.07.2016 in Arts & Culture

Onassis Foundation Legacy   Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre (OCSC)   The first of the big projects envisioned and brought to completion by the Onassis Foundation Board of Directors was the OCSC; completed in 1992. It is a model, ultra-modern hospital, whose cost at the time amounted to more than $75,000,000 (estimated at €150,000,000 in today’s prices).   The 127-bed capacity hospital is designed in accordance with the modern architectural principles and technical specifications applicable to all large hospitals.    By the end of 2015 the hospital had admitted more than 350,000 patients and about 1,500,000 outpatient consultations and diagnostic tests had been logged….

The Museums of Lefkada

01.07.2016 in Arts & Culture

The Museums of Lefkada    Looking to discover the cultural treasures of Lefkada?  Visitors will find a treasure trove of museums and cultural centers on this beautiful Ionian gem…    Archaeological Museum of Lefkada  Looking to discover the cultural treasures of Lefkada? Then, the first stop in your treasure hunt should be the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada, housed on the first floor of the mansion of the old town hall, together with the Cultural Centre of the municipality. The museum shows the evolution of the island through the ages by way of presenting findings from the Palaeolithic Age (200.000-35.000 BCE) until the…

Just across the bridge to LEFKADA

01.07.2016 in Travel

Just across the bridge to LEFKADA    Lefkada, an Ionian island on the west coast of Greece, graced with an amazing 73 mile coastline of azure blue Mediterranean waters…    I have always envied Lefkadians (I’m a Kefalonian myself)!  For me and all other fellow Ionian-islanders, who happen to live elsewhere, it’s usually played out like this:  “Hey, let’s go visit mom & dad this weekend” – “Ok, sure”  Check weather forecast – make sure ferries run   Book tickets – check weather forecast – make sure ferries run  Start packing – check weather forecast – make sure ferries run   Drive-drive-drive –…

Paul J. Ioannidis: Legends & Legacies

01.07.2016 in History

Paul J. Ioannidis: Legends & Legacies   In February of 1984, Paul J. Ioannidis retired as a Captain of Olympic Airways (OA) having logged 22,500 hours as a Captain and Instructor. From the time Aristotle Onassis acquired OA in 1957, Ioannidis had served in various capacities – Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot, Flight Operations Director and eventually Director General. For many, three decades of an illustrious career may be enough. But for Ioannidis, this is but a sliver of the adventures and accomplishments of his life.   «charismatic» exercising a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others. “a charismatic leader”…

MARIA GIANNAKAKI: Dreaming in Ink…

01.07.2016 in Arts & Culture

MARIA GIANNAKAKI: Dreaming in Ink…    Silk and rice paper. Watercolors and colored pencils. Asian technique, European influence… With each stroke, artist Maria Giannakaki brings beautiful dreams to life.    Maria Giannakaki began her studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts studying with artists P. Tetsi and G. Kolefa. In 1993, she went to China for post-graduate studies, learning techniques of traditional Chinese painting, ink drawing and calligraphy.  Her work is a unique blend of world influences – using materials and techniques she learned in China, to choosing subject matter that is centered on the human figure, often reminiscent…

Once Upon a Bouzouki… Interview with Euripides Nikolidis

01.07.2016 in Arts & Culture

Once Upon a Bouzouki… Interview with Euripides Nikolidis    A self-taught bouzouki virtuoso and a rightful successor in the line of eminent bouzouki players, Euripides Nikolidis is the man behind Bouzouki Fairytales (his first instrumental album). With a career spanning more than 20 years of collaborations with the greatest of Greece’s singers, Nikolidis has earned the acclaim he is receiving.   Politismos had the chance to speak with the composer about his album, future plans, posthumous legacy and the prospect of Greek music abroad.    At the age of 9 you made a decision to teach yourself how to play the…

Dodona: The Oracle of Sounds at the Acropolis Museum

01.07.2016 in Arts & Culture

Dodona: The Oracle of Sounds at the Acropolis Museum   Northwestern Greece… in the heart of Epirus…. the ancient ruins of Dodona stand here, surrounded by mountains of breathtaking beauty; it is here where the oldest oracle of the ancient world was according to Homer.    The historian Herodotus referred to Dodona as dating back to the second millennium BCE. Legend says that two black pigeons were released from Thebes in Egypt; the first landed in Libya where the oracle of Ammon Zeus was established. The second flew away to Dodona and sat on an oak, the sacred tree of Zeus. The…

Cheers to Raki!

01.06.2016 in Gastronomy

Cheers to Raki!    How is it possible, you ask, that the contents of a tiny little shot glass can evoke all your senses?  When you are toasting with Raki, a spirit affectionately called “fire water”, a light is sure to be ignited within your soul and make you long for beautiful Crete and the company of its gracious residents.    Raki, sometimes referred to as Tsikoudia, is a clear liquor with a unique flavor that is derived from its ingredients and processing.  Traditionally distilled in the fall, between October and November – the wine-distilling season – it is made…

Pantelis Prevelakis: Academic, Romanticist

01.06.2016 in Arts & Culture

Pantelis Prevelakis: Academic, Romanticist His philosophical quests focused on human morality and ethical dilemmas making Pantelis Prevelakis one of the significant intellectuals of 20th century Greece.   Pantelis Prevelakis (1909-1986) was a novelist, poet, art historian, and theatrical writer creating a body of rich literature and academic work. Ηis birthplace was the city of Rethymnon on the island of Crete, where he stayed until his coming of age, thereafter moving to Athens. Upon finishing his studies at the School of Law and Philology he continued his studies in Paris as a member of the Art and Archaeology Institute of the…