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04.04.2019 in Arts & Culture

GREEK JAZZ PANORAMA   Jazz Panorama at the Onassis Cultural Centre’s rooftop terrace (Stegi), celebrates emerging musicians of the Greek jazz scene every December. It is a three-day festival dedicated to the contemporary Greek jazz and improvisation scene.   The Greek Jazz Panorama promotes the next generation of artists by featuring ensembles with bandleaders under 30 years old. These young artists have the opportunity to present diverse performances of contemporary Greek jazz and improvisation bringing innovative Greek jazz musicians to the attention of an international audience. For more information please visit the website: www.sgt.gr


04.04.2019 in Arts & Culture

PREVEZA JAZZ FESTIVAL   The best representatives of contemporary European music will gather in western Greece, from May 31st to June 2nd, for the renowned Preveza Jazz Festival.   Initially organized in 2003, the Preveza Jazz Festival promotes Greek and foreign emerging and established jazz bands through concerts in open-air public spaces within the city. The Preveza Jazz Festival is, after the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, the longest-running jazz festival with an international character in Greece. Buena Vista Social Club, Eric Burdon, Cristina Villalonga, Goran Bregovic, Stranglers, Dr. Feelgood, Wim Mertens, Nouvelle Vague, Cristina Branco, Marjorie Barnes, Maria Joao, Ramon…


04.04.2019 in Arts & Culture

KARDAMILI JAZZ FESTIVAL   The 6th annual Kardamili’s International Jazz Festival 2019 will take place from May 4th to May 11th, and include jazz musicians from around the globe. During the week, over 50 concerts will take place in the picturesque village’s beautiful cafes, bars and restaurants.   Kardamili’s International Jazz Festival is hosted by the Sarpsborg Jazz Club in Norway, in cooperation with the New Orleans Workshop and Asker Jazz Club. It’s held in the small charming village of 400 inhabitants, of Mani, Peloponnese. This colorful festival begins with a parade of all the participants, that fills Mani with…


04.04.2019 in Arts & Culture

SYROS JAZZ FESTIVAL   For 7 years, the Syros Jazz Festival has shown that it has all the ingredients for an annual artistic event: actors that support it, a loyal audience who embraces it, an ideal place to host it and most importantly dedicated organizers.   This year the Syros Jazz Festival will take place at the beginning of October (October 4th to October 6th). It will return to its natural venue, the Apollo Theater in Ermoupolis, with the support of the Municipality of Syros –Hermoupolis and the South Aegean Region. The Syros Jazz Festival is a three-day event that…

Jazz Festivals of Greece

04.04.2019 in Arts & Culture

Jazz Festivals of Greece From the heart of Athens to Northern Greece and the Greek islands, there are numerous events dedicated to jazz music throughout the year for enthusiasts to enjoy!   SANI FESTIVAL The Sani Festival began in 1993 and over its 26 year history, it has become a distinctive high profile festival that is making an international impact. It is well known for its three-day tribute to jazz called Jazz on the Hill, and as a musical festival, that embraces non-commercial musical genres. Jazz on the Hill is the festival’s hallmark. It is an international three-day tribute to…

Emerging Cities at the Museum of Cycladic Art

07.03.2019 in Arts & Culture

Emerging Cities at the Museum of Cycladic Art     Τhree ancient cities of Crete will be reborn at the Museum of Cycladic Art in an unique exhibition, – “Crete. Emerging Cities: Aptera, Eleutherna, Knossos. Three Ancient Cities Come Alive”. The exhibit will be enhanced by rich visual aids and innovative technologies.   Apart from their close geographical proximity, Aptera, Eleutherna and Knossos share a similar history of creation, decline, destruction and demise. Hundreds of ancient objects, guarded and preserved by the Archaeological Ephorates and Museums of Crete, will for the first time, be transported to Athens for exhibition. The…

Samothrace – A Divine Island to Visit

18.12.2018 in Travel

Samothrace – A Divine Island to Visit     Wild and mountainous, almost forgotten. Samothrace, or Samothraki as it is called by the Greeks, located at the northern end of the Aegean Sea, has an entirely different character. Samothraki will fascinate you with its archaeological wealth, move you with landscapes of astonishing beauty and magnetize you with its unique ecosystems.   A huge mountain spread along the largest part of the island tends to impress the typical visitor. It invites its guests to follow one of its many routes to the… moon. Moon (Feggari), as the island’s highest mountain peak is named. With “Feggari” peak climbing…

Loutraki, City of Waters

31.10.2018 in Travel

Loutraki, City of Waters     According to Xenophon, the Spartan soldiers came to Loutraki to recover and rest after the Peloponnesian War battles; and thanks to the city’s healing thermal waters, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, the 2nd century BCE Roman emperor, was healed of a severe dermatopathy.   Today, the mythical “Gate of the Peloponnese” is a city full of life, with countless leisure and entertainment options, covering every taste. Less than 50 miles from Athens, Loutraki is a spa town well known since antiquity. What to see: One of the most significant sightseeing attractions is the lake of Heraion,…

The new Museum of Kostas Kotsanas An “ode” to Ancient Greek Technology

31.10.2018 in Museums

The new Museum  of Kostas Kotsanas An “ode” to Ancient Greek Technology     Until recently, the museums of Kostas Kotsanas included the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakolo and the Archimedes Museum in Ancient Olympia. Now, Athens has its own Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Kolonaki with the aim to study, highlight and present a very important, but relatively unknown aspect of ancient Greek culture, Ancient Greek Technology. Robotics and computers Steam-driven and gas propulsion Automotive and automatic navigation Automation and automation programming Telecommunications and encryption Geodesy and mapping Utilization of hydraulic and wind energy Application of…

Cultural Giants from the Peloponnesos – Gatsos, Karyotakis, Gavras and Papakonsantinou

04.10.2018 in Arts & Culture

Cultural Giants from the Peloponnesos – Gatsos, Karyotakis, Gavras and Papakonsantinou     Nikos Gatsos, Kostas Karyotakis, Kostas Gavras, Vassilis Papakonstantinou. Four renowned Greek artists who not only share common Greek regional routes, but whose works have been subtly interconnected. Did you know that Kostas Gavras and Vassilis Papakonstantinou have both collaborated with the composer Mikis Theodorakis? In fact, they all “fought” using their artistic talents and fame as a platform to speak out against the 1967 coup in Greece. Vassilis Papakonstaninou has turned quite a few poems of Kostas Karyotakis into songs. And the poetic words of the great…