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Unsung Heroes of the War of Independence

19.06.2018 in History

Unsung Heroes of the War of Independence     In 1821, Greece rose up against the Ottoman force and declared its independence. The War that followed inspired the world, made countless heroes and took almost a century for all of Greece to finally be free and united. And while names like Botsaris, Koloktronis, Mavrochmichalis, Karaiskakis, and Boubolina are well known, there are countless others who gave their lives for liberty and freedom in Greece. The Peloponnesian region of Greece is rich with many of these unsung heroes. May their memories, and sacrifices for their country, be eternal!   Petrompeis Mavromichalis…

The Archaeological Museum of Sparta

15.05.2018 in Museums

The Archaeological Museum of Sparta     Thousands of finds from the Lacedaemon province and surrounding areas of the Laconia prefecture are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Sparta, the first provincial museum of Greece.   Founded in Sparta in 1833 by the German archaeologist Ludwig Ross, the original Archaeological Museum of Sparta was housed in the church of Agios Panteleimonas. Though destroyed by fire, the Museum would be rebuilt by the Ephorate of Antiquities, Panagiotis Stamatakis, who with 288 ancient objects opened its doors and grew a strong following for the budding museum. Between 1874 and 1876, additional construction…