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The works of George Ioannou

16.03.2017 in Arts & Culture

The life and works of George Ioannou With his distinct personal style George Ioannou depicted landscapes, still life and human figures in concert with the doctrines of Impressionism. In later years, he approached Pop Art culture using comics’ technique, and turned to satirical depiction of social and political reality through creations of surrealistic and symbolic allusions. George Ioannou was born in 1926 in Athens, Greece and was the leading representative and pioneer of the Pop Art movement in Greece. He studied painting in Athens, guided by mentors like Kostas Eliades and Theodore Drosos. He would continue his studies at the Julian…

National Archaeological Museum – 150 years

17.02.2017 in Museums

National Archaeological Museum: 150 years of history The 150th anniversary of Greece’s National Archaeological Museum could not be better celebrated than with the “Odysseus” exhibition, a reflection of the nature of the Ancient Greeks and their inspiring culture. The National Archaeological Museum is without doubt the diamond in Athens’ crown, and the most significant museum in the world for Greek antiquities. But it is the impressive architecture of the building (and entry way adorned with an elongated neo-classic design garden, decorated with sculptures) is what initially captures the attention of visitors. The construction of the neo-classical style building began in 1866 and was completed…

Katsantonis & Botsaris, Champions of Independence

18.01.2017 in History

Champions of the War of Independence: Antonis Katsantonis & Markos Botsaris The Greek War of Independence (1821-1830) produced a considerable number of both historic moments and heroic men and women fighting against the tyranny of the Ottoman Turks. But the flame of freedom had been slowly burning long before the revolution broke out in 1821… Many revolutionary attempts were made after the fall of in Constantinople (1453). Bands of rebel outlaws (klephtes) hiding in the mountains posed regular challenge to Ottoman authorities. Antonis “Katsantonis” Makriyiannis (1775-1808), son of Yannis Makriyannis, was among the most noteworthy klephtes. Well known in Central Greece, he was especially…

Aegean Film Festival

17.11.2016 in Arts & Culture

The Aegean Docs Film Festival AegeanDocs, founded in 2013, is an international documentary film festival held annually throughout the 11 Aegean islands of Greece. The Festival aims is to introduce and promote documentaries while creating an international forum on emerging media and information technologies. Antonios Achoulias, culture feature writer for Politismos, had the opportunity to speak with festival director Kostas Spiropoulos shortly after the successful event held on Lesvos this past September of 2016. Q.This year’s AegeanDocs Festival saw a single topic chosen: the refugee crisis and marginalized groups. Why this one theme instead of a wider spectrum of topics?…