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Toys and smudges at

A Carnival theatrical performance that
is transformed into a great Carnival Party.

All children are becoming one active team
with actors and are traveling throughout Greece and abroad.

Children are becoming familiar and are participating
in funny customs, dances, games and songs.


Interactive Musical Theatrical Performance for Children “Carnival’s Puzzle”

Can we have Carnival without colors, masks, dances and fun ?
No way. No way. No way.

“Carnival’s Puzzle” is an interactive theatrical performance, with full of imagination, games and fun.

Children are assembling piece-by-piece the new Carnival-puzzle, they are solving the Carnival mystery and they are visiting Carnival-Country participating in dances, songs and games.

Texts and directing by Stefi Theodotou

Contact details for performances attending and planning
tel: 210-6897785, 6941-407372
«ΔΡώΜΕΝΑ» (Acting-for-Me) Children’s Theater

15 Feb 2020, by Politismos Museum of Greek History in Arts & Culturex