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POLITISMOS IN THE CLASSROOM: Taking a Bow in Ancient Greece

This month, Politismos launched its new classroom project, “Taking a Bow in Ancient Greece” with the support of the Rocklin Family Academy of Schools at their Rocklin Academy Meyers campus. 56 children, second and sixth graders, participated in the inaugural program.

Taking a Bow in Ancient Greece brings the museum experience into the classroom – artifacts, activity, entertainment, and education – to engage the students, complement curriculum and preserve Hellenism!

So many of our communities are not fortunate enough to have a Greek history museum or culture center. With no physical “place” for school children to visit and learn about Greek history and culture, we sought create a program that would bring the “place and things” to the classroom!

The Politismos team worked with academics and historians as well as museum professionals and MA students in the Public History program at California State University, Sacramento to create a living history experience for children. Rocklin Family Academy of Schools staff and teachers gave their time, expertise and recommendations to ensure curriculum standards were met.

The Taking A Bow program examines three major components: the role of theatre in Ancient Greece, mythology, and the issue of morality. Content, activity and vocabulary has been created to correlate with elementary school curriculums.

In addition to history and story telling, children created art projects, played with replicas of props and had the chance to see and touch real artifacts. Politismos is currently offering opportunities to bring this program to local Sacramento schools and community groups.

If you are in the Sacramento area and would like more information, contact us at: info@PolitismosMuseum.org

Interested in supporting programs like these?  Politismos Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Your donations help us promote and preserve Hellenism for future generations!

If you would like information about the program and how to bring it to your community and are outside of the Sacramento area, please contact Despina for more details at: Despina@PolitismosMuseum.org


About The Rocklin Family Academy of Schools:

The Rocklin Academy Family of Schools are public schools open to ALL students.  We were the first public school in the greater Sacramento area to offer the nationally-recognized Core Knowledge curriculum.

The Rocklin Academy Family of Schools are public, tuition-free, charter schools that embody high standards, parent partnership, rich core content and collaborative use of data, resulting in high quality teaching and learning in a nurturing environment. To learn more, visit: www.rocklinacademy.com

18 Dec 2016, by Politismos Museum of Greek History in Historyx