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War Museum of Nafplio 


The museum opened its doors to the public in 1988 and it is accommodated in a building that used to be a Military Academy, today it serves as an annex of the War Museum in Athens.  


A thematic collection unfolds on the first floor where the vital role of Nafplio in the Greek Revolution of 1821 is illustrated; Ioannis Kapodistrias, first governor of Greece, and the history of the first Military Academy from 1828 until 1834. Exhibits also include the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Macedonians wars (1904-1908), the Balkan wars (1912-1913) and World War I. The second floor is dedicated to the Asia Minor Campaign and World War II. 


To learn more visit: 


22, Amalias Avenue 21100 NAFPLIO, PELOPONISSOS, GREECE 

Tel.: +30 27520 25591  

URL: http://www.nafplio.gr/siteseeing.htm 

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