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The Museums of Serres, Greece



The history of Serres dates by millennia, with a first reference by Herodotus in the 5th century BCE. It’s place in history has run a long line through antiquity, Byzantium and the modern era. It withstood the ancient Romans, Crusaders, Ottoman and Nazi forces. Today, the city flourishes as people flock to take in its natural beauty and fine city. Here are a few “must-see” Museums that stand as a testament to the city’s rich history.


Sarakatsani Folklore Museum

The Sarakatsani Folklore Museum was founded in 1979. Since 1997 it has been housed in a new two-story building, the only building in Greece specifically built to house a Folklore Museum!

The Museum’s main aim is to give visitors an insight into the Sarakatsans’ life. The Sarakatsans’ life is presented on the museum’s ground floor. On the first floor visitors can see artwork, embroideries and hand-crafted costumes.

The Museum has been made possible based on oral testimonies, the Sarakatsans’ memories and experiences and ethnographic-sociological studies. Exhibitions are curated thanks to private donations. And as there is no state subsidy, the doors are kept open due to the efforts and hours donated by countless volunteers.

Address: 62 Κonstantinoupoleos St., Serres
Opening hours: Tuesday- Saturday 10.00-14.00
Ticket price: 
Adults: 4 euros
Pupils- Students- Unemployed- Seniors over 65 years-old: 2 euros
Tel .: 2321062528
 Learn more http://www.sarakatsani-folk-museum.gr  


Serres Archaeological Museum

Serres Archeological Museum is housed in the “Bezesteni”, a 15th century rectangular building, located in the Square of Freedom in the city center. The Ottomans constructed these types of buildings, during the occupation, which served as covered markets.

Nowadays, there are only two Bezestenis left in Greece (Thessaloniki and Serres). After being restored, the six-domed building began operating as the city’s Archeological Museum, housing artifacts of all eras found in Serres area. 

Today, the Museums houses findings from the excavations in Promachonas and Kryoneri, archaeological, classical, Hellenistic and Romanesque pottery, statues and inscriptions. The Early Christian and Byzantine exhibits from the city of Serres are also of particular importance.
Address: Freedom Square, Serres
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday 08.00 am- 15.00 pm
Ticket price: free admission
Tel .: 2321022257


Natural History Museum

Housed in a specially constructed building owned by the Serres Hunting Association, the Museum was established in 1996 with the aim to inform the visitors about the country’s natural environment.

The diversity of Serres’ ecosystem called for the need for a local regional museum that could highlight and present the area’s natural wealth to visitors. It has already contributed to the development of environmental sensitivity and overwhelming appreciation and respect for both the area’s population and its visitors, through multi-faceted actions.

Address: 1st km Serres- Timios Prodromos Holy Monastery, Provincial Road
Opening hours: 09.00 am- 14.00 pm
Ticket price: Free admission
Tel.: 2321099395
To learn more: https://www.serres.gr/mouseio-fi/index2.html 


Old Metropolis Museum

Serres Old Metropolis Museum was founded on the occasion of the Byzantine church of Agioi Theodoroi  (Old Metropolis) reopening. The Museum’s exhibition gradually developed at the monument’s northern facade and its courtyard.  Various sculptures once included in the temple’s sculptural decor, as well as various tombstones, are among the items exhibited. The collection summarizes the history of the city, its fortification and the monument’s history.

Address: 19, Ionos Dragoumi st., 
Opening hours: 08.30 am- 13.00 (after calling Mr Camilalis)
Tel.: 23210 56205


Vlach Traditional Museum

Owned by “Georgakis Olympios”, the Serres Vlachs’ Association, this Museum has been housed in the Association’s facilities since April 2008. Building a museum has been a dream of the Serres Vlachs for many many years, but the first step was not taken until 1994.

The Museum’s unique collection of images is a “one of a kind” information tank! On the first floor, visitors will find a reenactment of a reception hall from a typical Vlach home that includes hand-woven materials, pillows and low round tables. Authentic costumes and folklore objects complete the Museum’s collection.

The Museum’s mission is to preserve, promote and share the folk culture of the Vlachs from throughout the wider region of Serres. And it does so! The museum imparts to visitors of all ages the history of its ancestors, through representations and narration.

Address: Karaiskaki 2, Serres
Opening hours: everyday, 19.00-21.00 pm and in the mornings upon arrangement 
Ticket price: Free admission
Tel .: 2321023045
Learn more http://www.vlahoiserron.gr/index.php/mouseio

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