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The Modern Saints of Greece

According to the Greek Orthodox Church, the only true “saint” or holy one (Agios) is God himself. An individual who is sainted is bestowed this honor by their efforts in life to become part of the all holiness.


Often when we think of saints, our thoughts go to a time long ago – Saints Peter, Paul, John and others who were sainted for their role in spreading Christianity in its early days. As well as the Apostles, there are also saints who were prophets, martyrs, monastics and others who lead model lives.


But there are also those saints of modern days, and the Orthodox Church has many blessed individuals of modern days who have made their contribution to the faith. We share with you three “modern” day saints, from three different perspectives.


To learn more about the Greek Orthodox Church, as well as Saints of the Church, visit:


09 Sep 2016, by Caroline in Arts & Culture, Historyx