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“The Creator Lives in this World”



An Interview with Kostis Georgiou


World-renowned artist Kostis Georgiou sees sculpture, paint, and music as the “containers” of his creations. Some of his works stand stories high. But there is no container large enough to constrain the creativity and mastery of his artistic soul and genius.


The work of Kostis Georgiou has graced galleries, museums and centers around the world. From paintings to music to larger than life sculptures, his works evoke fierce emotions and response.

His background and influences are diverse. He worked as a journalist for Kerdos, a weekly financial journal, taught painting at the Stavracos School of Cinema in Athens, and even worked as a stage designer for theater and television.

Prior to his exhibition held in Thessaloniki this May 2019, we had the opportunity to meet with the artist and learn more about his passion and process.

Q.Your sculptures are often monumental in scale. What kind of engineering is needed to install these sculptures?

Each sculpture needs knowledge and organization. The most important thing is that the excellent image of the project is also supported by the static completeness. The static study is the work of engineers who also have the expertise.

Q.You are a sculptor, painter, and composer. When working in one type of media does that inspire work in another type of media? Do you have a favorite?

Sculpture along with painting and music serve exactly the same purpose. That is, the creation and submission of new proposals that will best describe my visions! All three styles act as communicating containers!

Q.We understand that your artwork has inspired a new film, a 3D animation. Can you tell us about your upcoming 3D animation film project? Who are your working with and when will the film premiere?

Antonis Doussias created a film of six minutes, using only my visual world. This film required more than three thousand images of paintings and sculptures. The result is a great film that will be presented in the competition section at the leading festival of the genre, ANESY 2019

Q.You had a new exhibition May, in your hometown of Thessaloniki. What is the theme of this exhibition? What types of work could visitors expect to see?

This is a large-scale exhibition, which after the great sculpture exhibition at Benaki Museum is the most complete proposal, in which most paintings and sculptures are exhibited for the first time and are monumental works. The exhibition will be transported from the Teloglio Museum of Thessaloniki to Constantinople at the Sismanoglio Foundation and will be under the auspices and organization of the Greek Consulate in Istanbul.

Q.One of the signatures of your work is the use of bold primary colors – especially red. What inspires your color choice and what do you think these colors say through your art?

The creator lives in this world. Everything around him affects his thought and artistic temper. He receives and analyzes the environment around him, displaying his trial as well, which is filtered and refined by the philosopher’s personal code!

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