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Athens, Cradle of Civilization, is World Book Capital 2018

18.09.2018 in Arts & Culture

Athens, Cradle of Civilization, is World Book Capital 2018 UNESCO’s nomination is yet another distinction for the City of Athens! After the cohosting documenta14, and recognition as an emerging cultural destination, in 2017 Athens is once again acknowledged as a city break destination in 2018 with the World Book Capital designation.   Athens has been named World Book Capital for 2018 by UNESCO. This concept and annual event was launched in 2001, and its successful outcome led UNESCO’s General Conference to designate World Book Capital an annual event, inviting the International Publishers Association, the International Federation of Library Associations and…

“The Little Mariner”, Odysseas Elytis

14.12.2017 in Arts & Culture

“The Little Mariner”, Odysseas Elytis     Athens, Greece has been selected as World Book Capital 2018 by UNESCO. In celebration of this designation, we’re sharing some of our favourite authors and books.   The Little Mariner (1970-74) by Nobel Prize winner Odysseas Elytis is one of my favorite, most interesting reads. Some critics debate that somehow this collection did not have the same impact most of his other poems did. It is definitely a more mature work of his and the ways he manipulates poetic language in it can be somewhat perplexing. Elytis alternates between prose and poetry, using…

Welcome to Paros

10.08.2017 in Travel

Paros Island Paros! An island as magnificent as its marble, tempts you to sample its beautiful beaches, walk the traditional villages and holy places. Listen to the sounds of the sea while you marvel at its picturesque harbors; take a moment to savor its unique culinary treats. Paros is an island that will entice all your senses! “Paros is a natural beauty, with amazing beaches with blue-green waters and has been awarded five blue flags for its beaches”, Markos Kovaios, Paros’ mayor says. It is an island where the smell of the braised bread, of the chickpeas cooked in the…

Koroni, Motherland to the Koroneiki olive

19.10.2016 in Travel

Koroni, motherland to the Koroneiki olive! Koroni is a town that was founded in ancient times, is the motherlands to one of Greece’s better known olive varieties, the “Koroneiki”, and a launching site for Russian meteorological rockets, from 1972 to 1989! Koroni (or Corone) is in the municipal unit of Pylos-Nestoras, one of the 6 municipalities of the regional unit of Messinia in the Peloponnese. It is nestled in a hill, below the impressive Venetian Castle of Koroni, to the southeast of the Messenian Gulf. Along with its counterpart, the town of Methoni with its own castle, the towns were…

Delphi: Journey to the “Navel” of the Earth

01.08.2016 in Travel

Delphi:  Journey to the “Navel” of the Earth    Few places can boast the energy that Delphi delivers to its visitors! The navel (“omphalos” in Greek) of the Earth, the place where Ancient Greeks sought consultation from the oracle Pythia (the “priestess”). She was the channel through whom the gods would communicate with their people.  Her ambiguous prophecies delivered to priests for translation…    When the Temple of Apollo in Delphi was built, a rumor was spread that the god Apollo was living inside his sacred plant, a laurel bush, and through the rustle of its leaves, he prophesied of things to…