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The amazing products and culinary tradition of the Arcadian region

17.07.2018 in Gastronomy

The amazing products and culinary tradition of the Arcadian region     Arcadia’s lush landscapes and crystal-clear waters, have swayed many poets, prose writers, and painters, from antiquity to modern times, and inspired an entire school in neoclassical literature.   Ancient writers used to call Arcadia’s locals valanifagous (acorn eaters) and the area was referred to as Polypidakas, meaning “having multiple springs”. Today the region remains as beautiful as ever. With its glistening mountain peaks, the beaches at the Myrtoan Sea, its traditional settlements, medieval castles, and imposing monasteries, it is a place with much to offer. The capital city…

Effortless Trahana Soup with Tomato and Fresh Goat Cheese

01.09.2016 in Gastronomy

Effortless Trahana Soup with Tomato and Fresh Goat Cheese By Vassilis and Anastasia of Cookouvagia.com    Trahana belongs to the big family of pasta. Trahana soup can sooth your soul in the cold…  There are a lot of variations: Trahana can be sweet or sour, fine or chunky, vegan or not. The basic ingredients of the dough from which trahana is made is flour and milk.    The dough is then cut in small pieces of same thickness and spread out on a white sheet in order to dry. This procedure is best done in a well-ventilated room and ideally during the…