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Gazi: Athens nightlife and cultural epicenter

10.04.2018 in Arts & Culture

Gazi: Athens nightlife and cultural epicenter     Gazi was named after its neighboring gas installations, which started operating in Athens in 1857. François Théophile Feraldi, a French businessman, undertook the work of lighting in Athens with gas.   Today, Technopolis-Gazi (is a lively area, with one of the most popular night scenes in Athens. Even after the factory closure, “Technopolis” is an epicenter of Athens and Gazi still produces light, the light of civilization. “Technopolis” is one of the capital’s most recognized cultural sites. It all started in 1986, when Melina Mercouri, then Minister of Cultural Affairs, added the…

160 Years Gazi, an industrial past turned into a cultural present

06.03.2018 in Arts & Culture

160 Years Gazi, an industrial past turned into a cultural present     The Industrial Gas Museum launched in 2013 aiming to showcase and protect the old Athens Gasworks factory area, also known as “Fotaerio” or “Gazi”. Exhibitions and events had already been held in the facilities since 1999, slowly building its reputation as a renowned culture hub, the “Technopolis” of the City of Athens.   Back in 1857, the French businessman F. T. Feraldi was appointed the task of providing gas lighting to the city. The businessman was granted permission for the production and distribution of gas for a…

Made in Greece Festival

01.12.2015 in Arts & Culture

Made in Greece Festival   The “Made in Greece” festival was held for the first time in Athens this past October 23-26, 2015 at Technopolis.  Produced by 2 FOR 7, the event was an effort to showcase goods “made in Greece” as well as provide an opportunity for festival goers to meet the artisans and crafters of these products.   As a result of the economic crisis in recent years, domestic producers of foods, crafts and other goods have faced great challenge.  Many local or family run businesses simply could not keep up with the rising costs of goods, promotion and…