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Six Decades of Greece through the Lens of Robert McCabe

29.03.2018 in Arts & Culture

Six Decades of Greece through the Lens of Robert McCabe     Robert McCabe was born in Chicago in 1934 and grew up in the New York City area. His father worked for a picture newspaper in New York, and as the result of the gift of a Kodak Baby Brownie McCabe started taking photographs when he was five.   His first photographs of Europe were the result of a trip in 1954 to France, Italy, and Greece while he was an undergraduate at Princeton. His images have been displayed in the US, UK, Belgium and Greece.   Tell us…

Robert McCabe – Greece, pathways

10.04.2017 in Arts & Culture

Robert McCabe “Greece, pathways to an enchanted land” Photographs going well beyond the depiction of a person, an object, or a place, or even a satisfying visual composition. Photographs representing a form of poetry, creating a vivid emotional experience and evoking in our souls much more than the direct visual content of a simple picture. Photographs going far beyond the simply documentary: subjects are elevated through silhouetting, perspective and composition, creating a series of highly memorable, iconic images. The Embassy of Greece in Belgium is hosting an exhibition of renowned American photographer Robert McCabe entitled “Greece, Pathways to an Enchanted Land”,…