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Chromonastiri Museum

15.06.2017 in Museums

Chromonastiri Military Museum A hidden historical gem… Some of the greatest treasures are often tucked away from site, unassuming and unexpected. The Chromonastiri Military Museum in Crete is one such treasure. Situated just outside Rethymno and housed in a restored Venetian mansion, the Chromonastiri Military Museum reveals a proud and impressive history of the Modern Greek military. The Chromonastiri Military Museum can be found on the southern tip of Chromonastiri village, on the northern rim of Mount Vrysinas. From a historical viewpoint, Chromonastiri is one of the most remarkable historic villages of Crete as the history of the region goes…

The Next Chapter in Discovering Crete: Travels in the West from Chania to Rethymno

01.06.2016 in Travel

The Next Chapter in Discovering Crete:  Travels in the West from Chania to Rethymno  There are many reasons to visit Crete – the marvelous beaches, the unique landscape and a noteworthy cultural history that can be seen and experienced in countless attractions throughout the island. Chania and Rethymno are visited by millions of tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the nature, indulge in Cretan gastronomy and take in the rich history of these popular cities.    Chania: Venetian Architecture & Romance  Chania is situated in the furthest west part of Crete, a romantic city with Venetian buildings reminiscent of days gone…

The Museums of Rethymno Crete

01.06.2016 in Uncategorized

The Museums of Rethymno Crete   Crete is a land of unique experiences. From relaxing on sandy blue beaches and savoring culinary marvels, to being charmed by a rich unique culture and the warmhearted locals, you will find Crete is undeniably like a bit of heaven. Rethymno is one of the four pillars of Crete and may certainly claim part of the credit for this island being called a paradise. With its rich diverse history and enchanting landscapes and architecture, there is beauty everywhere you look.  So before you set out for another day at the beach, or settling in…