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Minoan Tastes – an interview with Jerolyn Morrison

18.01.2017 in Arts & Culture

Food, History, Pots and People How Minoan Tastes has become more than just a history project… In 2016, Politismos Museum featured three cultural exhibits (with still one series to come in 2017!). Minoan Tastes, founded by Jerolyn E. Morrison, curated the exhibits and is a social enterprise that promotes the culinary history of ancient Crete by working with a network of food experts, historians, and archaeologists. It was developed out of the desire to present scientific knowledge in a more tangible way for modern people so that they can better understand how the ancients performed daily activities. Jerolyn E. Morrison is…

Politismos in the Classroom – Taking a Bow in Ancient Greece

18.12.2016 in History

POLITISMOS IN THE CLASSROOM: Taking a Bow in Ancient Greece This month, Politismos launched its new classroom project, “Taking a Bow in Ancient Greece” with the support of the Rocklin Family Academy of Schools at their Rocklin Academy Meyers campus. 56 children, second and sixth graders, participated in the inaugural program. Taking a Bow in Ancient Greece brings the museum experience into the classroom – artifacts, activity, entertainment, and education – to engage the students, complement curriculum and preserve Hellenism! So many of our communities are not fortunate enough to have a Greek history museum or culture center. With no physical “place” for…