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Hippocrates: the greatest physician in history

12.03.2020 in History

Hippocrates: the greatest physician in history   Hippocrates, known to the world as the greatest physician, approached the human body not prejudice or superstition, but with great curiosity. His was a restless and moral mind.   The entire ancient wisdom regarding the human biology and welfare can be found among the manuscripts of the first medical scientist of the western civilization: Hippocrates, the man who approached the human body without prejudice and superstition. Hippocrates was born on the island of Kos and he lived a long life from around 460 BCE to 375 BCE. Athens, the city of the Golden…

Saint Anthimos of Chios

09.09.2016 in Arts & Culture, History, Museums, Travel

Saint Anthimos of Chios In our home, we have a photograph of Saint Anthimos of Chios. That’s right, a photograph. We also have icons of the blessed Saint. But the photograph to me always made so much more of an impression, it was so much more personal, as if I could reach out and kiss his hand, just as my grandmother, and even my father, had done only decades ago. The saints I learned about growing up where sainted almost two thousand years ago, but Saint Anthimos, was canonized not even 25 years ago…   Born Argyrios Vagianos on the…