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Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation: V. Papantoniou Museum

01.04.2016 in Arts & Culture

Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation: V. Papantoniou Museum    The “V. Papantoniou” Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (PFF) is a privately supported foundation, based in Nafplion. It was founded in 1974 by Ioanna Papantoniou with an aim to research, preserve and present the material culture of the Peloponnese and Greece on the whole. Papantoniou is a stage and costume designer and  Honorary Doctor of the Department of History and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2003, Papantoniou also founded the Greek Costume Society with the goal to create a Costume Culture Museum in Greece.    In 1981, PFF won the European Museum of the Year…