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Paul J. Ioannidis: Legends & Legacies

01.07.2016 in History

Paul J. Ioannidis: Legends & Legacies   In February of 1984, Paul J. Ioannidis retired as a Captain of Olympic Airways (OA) having logged 22,500 hours as a Captain and Instructor. From the time Aristotle Onassis acquired OA in 1957, Ioannidis had served in various capacities – Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot, Flight Operations Director and eventually Director General. For many, three decades of an illustrious career may be enough. But for Ioannidis, this is but a sliver of the adventures and accomplishments of his life.   «charismatic» exercising a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others. “a charismatic leader”…