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Kythera: the island of Aphrodite

10.11.2019 in History

Kythera: the island of Aphrodite     Some miles south of Peloponnese lays an island of insurmountable beauty. Kythera is its name – it is the birthplace of the almighty Aphrodite, the land of a hundred chapels and mysterious caves.   According to myth, the goddess Aphrodite was born off the coast of Kythera… from the foam of the waves where the village Kapsali lies today (the two natural ports took the name “the breasts of Aphrodite”). Many ancient writers used to give her the epithet Kytheria (the Mistress of Kythera) although another myth puts her birthplace in Cyprus. Nevertheless,…

The Parthenon of Saint Nektarios

15.10.2017 in History

The “Parthenon” of Saint Nektarios Saint Nektarios settled in Aegina in 1908, after several years of looking for a place to house a monastery – an “Ecclesiastical Parthenon”, as he called it – where he wished to spend his later years. He found the old abandoned monastery of the Zoodochos Pigi, near the village of Kondos in Aegina… It was here where Saint Nektarios decided to accommodate four women who were under his spiritual guidance at the time, along with three more local nuns. Apart from renovating the existing establishment he also built the convent of the Holy Trinity. The…