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Samothrace – A Divine Island to Visit

18.12.2018 in Travel

Samothrace – A Divine Island to Visit     Wild and mountainous, almost forgotten. Samothrace, or Samothraki as it is called by the Greeks, located at the northern end of the Aegean Sea, has an entirely different character. Samothraki will fascinate you with its archaeological wealth, move you with landscapes of astonishing beauty and magnetize you with its unique ecosystems.   A huge mountain spread along the largest part of the island tends to impress the typical visitor. It invites its guests to follow one of its many routes to the… moon. Moon (Feggari), as the island’s highest mountain peak is named. With “Feggari” peak climbing…

A Royal City Break

28.11.2017 in Travel

A Royal City Break     Tatoi, which was once the summer palace of the former Greek Royal Family, makes for one of the best weekend destinations in the suburbs of Athens. With an area of 47, 427 acres (15,000 of which are a declared national park) and just 30 miles from downtown Athens, the former Royal Estate caters for any visitor’s taste.   The Former Royal Estate of Tatoi is open to the public from sunrise to sunset and visitors can enter the property either from Varimpopi or Lefka. On the weekends, sports enthusiasts can be found cycling, trekking…

May Day: (Protomaya) in Greece

01.04.2016 in Arts & Culture

May Day: (Protomaya)  in Greece    When talking about May Day, or “Protomaya,” colorful wild flowers, children making flower wreaths, picnics in the countryside, and the smell of flourishing almonds immediately come to mind. In Greece, as in most cultures of western Europe, May 1st marks the end of the cold winter and the beginning of spring and rebirth. For many centuries, “Protomaya” has been regarded as the celebration of flowers and nature. May 1st is also International Workers Day and is now considered an official holiday in Greece.    “Protomaya,” literally translated as the first day of May, is one…