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The Museums of Lefkada

01.07.2016 in Arts & Culture

The Museums of Lefkada    Looking to discover the cultural treasures of Lefkada?  Visitors will find a treasure trove of museums and cultural centers on this beautiful Ionian gem…    Archaeological Museum of Lefkada  Looking to discover the cultural treasures of Lefkada? Then, the first stop in your treasure hunt should be the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada, housed on the first floor of the mansion of the old town hall, together with the Cultural Centre of the municipality. The museum shows the evolution of the island through the ages by way of presenting findings from the Palaeolithic Age (200.000-35.000 BCE) until the…

The German invasion of Greece

01.04.2016 in History

The German invasion of Greece    April 1941. World War II divided Europe into the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan) and the Allies. After the unsuccessful invasion of Fascist Italy in Greece (October 1940-April 1941), the German forces attacked the Greek territory by land and air. Compared to the unprepared and frivolous Italian invasion, the Nazi military machine was more than a considerable enemy. This German operation was part of a wider campaign to occupy the Balkan Peninsula. German dictator Adolf Hitler used this as a defensive strategy before assaulting Russia. However, the renowned German Blitzkrieg (lightning war) came against the…

War Museum of Nafplio

01.04.2016 in History

War Museum of Nafplio    The museum opened its doors to the public in 1988 and it is accommodated in a building that used to be a Military Academy, today it serves as an annex of the War Museum in Athens.     A thematic collection unfolds on the first floor where the vital role of Nafplio in the Greek Revolution of 1821 is illustrated; Ioannis Kapodistrias, first governor of Greece, and the history of the first Military Academy from 1828 until 1834. Exhibits also include the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Macedonians wars (1904-1908), the Balkan wars (1912-1913) and World War…