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Emerging Cities at the Museum of Cycladic Art

07.03.2019 in Arts & Culture

Emerging Cities at the Museum of Cycladic Art     Τhree ancient cities of Crete will be reborn at the Museum of Cycladic Art in an unique exhibition, – “Crete. Emerging Cities: Aptera, Eleutherna, Knossos. Three Ancient Cities Come Alive”. The exhibit will be enhanced by rich visual aids and innovative technologies.   Apart from their close geographical proximity, Aptera, Eleutherna and Knossos share a similar history of creation, decline, destruction and demise. Hundreds of ancient objects, guarded and preserved by the Archaeological Ephorates and Museums of Crete, will for the first time, be transported to Athens for exhibition. The…

Adoni Astrinakis: Rockin’ the Portrait

01.06.2016 in Uncategorized

Adoni Astrinakis: Rockin’ the Portrait   On May 29, 2016, artist Adoni Astrinakis debuted at The White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY with three paintings from his “27 Club” collection – AMY, KURT, and JIMI. The paintings were received with great fanfare and were celebrated alongside works from EJ Camp, Bonnie Lautenberg, Laura Benjamin, Steve Joester and Evad.   The Golden Age of Rock n Roll” group show was the American debut for Astrinakis, who was born in Tasmania and now lives in Melbourne. For a few years after college, Adoni became CEO of a national healthy fast food chain…